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Film industry and online personal trainer David Kingsbury has built a reputation for serious results both on and off the screen. He has worked on some of the biggest films productions in recent years from The Wolverine and X-Men to Assassins Creed and Les Misérables.

Whilst he is best known for his blockbuster transformations he has also helped change the lives of thousands of people through his online training plans. Today he shares with you his tips and shows how you can balance your exercise and nutrition to ensure consistent and achievable results.

I work in an industry where time is tight and results are a necessity, not an option.

For the past 6 years I have worked with the top actresses and actors in this Universe (and others) to get them physically prepared for their film roles.

The film world provides a huge spectrum of goals for the cast and for me as a trainer.

From extreme weight loss, muscle gain, athletic performance to being well and truly red-carpet ready.

Being a “Hollywood trainer” has its serious perks, but it is also a very high-pressure job.

When achieving a goal is crucial I simply cannot leave anything to chance, every aspect is tried, tested and calculated.

Training has to be 100% focused on the goal

Sessions are designed to achieve the results safely and efficiently. Every session has an exact purpose. No purpose then no need to waste time on it.

Nutrition has to be 100% focussed on the goal

In order to adjust someone’s body weight or body composition you have to manipulate their energy balance. A menu is designed in conjunction with an exercise routine to ensure that their energy in (food) is balanced correctly with their energy out (calories burned, including through exercise). If this is proportionally wrong then so too will be the result.

People often think that when I am working with an actor that we have unlimited time and resources to get the job done. This in fact is often very far from the truth. We typically have less time to fit sessions in than people working a 9-5 job five days a week. Shooting schedules are incredibly intense and it isn’t unusual for them to be working 12+ hour days six days per week.

With time so tight how do you ensure results?

Whether working in the film industry or with online customers, results, health and fitness are all about planning and focus.

In order to achieve results long term you have to be able to work consistently. Dropping weight is much less about short term intensity and starvation and much more about consistent exercise and sustainable eating.

You have to be able to balance your lifestyle with your exercise and nutrition to ensure that you can consistently follow a routine. The best routines are the ones that you are able to follow for the longest.

You don’t need hours and hours of exercise a day, every day to achieve fat loss.

But you do have to balance your exercise with your food to ensure your energy balance is in line with your goals.

If your goal is to lose weight then you have to ensure you are in a calorie deficit consistently.

To maintain a calorie deficit that is optimised for fat loss you can’t just calculate once and run with it forever.

There are factors that need to be considered on a regular basis to avoid plateauing.

If your exercise level decreases your calories need to follow suit.

As your weight decreases your demand for calories decreases. Essentially as your get lighter you will have to eat proportionally fewer calories to achieve weight loss.

In order to make a start on your fitness journey it is always best to know just how many calories you need for your goals.

For fat loss, I typically aim for a calorie deficit in the region of 10-20% reduction on maintenance calories.

Maintenance calories put you in equilibrium, they are the exact amount that mean with the level of exercise you are undertaking you stay the same weight.

Go under this and you will lose weight.

So why not cut go more extreme and cut the calories further?

The answer to this is because we need long term progress.

One reason going very low on calories is not a good plan is that it is not sustainable. Meaning you will break the diet, over eat and actually costume a greater number of calories and therefore not lose weight.

Another reason is that extreme diets do result in slight metabolic changes. These changes will reduce the number of calories you burn and therefor make fat loss harder long term?

If like so many people you have tried countless diets and exercise routines to help drop weight then it’s time to stop.

It’s time to stick to these simple rules

· Exercise optimally for your goals
· Balance your calories and exercise so that your overall energy balance is in line with your goals.
· Recalculate your calories regularly based on your goals, exercise levels and changes in weight.
· Stay focused and be consistent


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