Back to the future becomes a reality: Hoverboard

Seriously, anyone who watched ‘Back to the Future’ would immediately recognize the iconic hoverboard used by Marty McFly. The great news is that the hoverboard is something which can become our future reality. Lexus unveiled its promotional stunt featuring a new hoverboard that looks strikingly the same as the movie’s hoverboard. The exciting thing is this hoverboard is functional as well as working since it floats in the midair and can propel forward spontaneously just like some regular skateboard. Though, for using the hoverboard, you will also have to balance yourself on it so that it does not tip over the sides.

Additionally apart from balancing and surface orientation, there’s also the hoverboard ‘refueling’ problem because it requires liquid nitrogen which should be at a super cool temperature. Lexus hoverboard got showcased and launched during the hot days of Catalonia, Spain and it took almost ten minutes before it required refilling again. However it should also be kept in mind that it might run longer in colder seasons, still enjoying and playing the entire afternoon could end up becoming a tough task for you. To come to the conclusion, it can be said that Lexus hoverboard might be worth recreating as it’s incredibly practicable if you want to hoverboard to work.

lexus hoverboard

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