Back Massage Therapy – 5 Treatments for Back Pain Relief

Back Massage Therapy

In simple words, back pain is defined as the pain which you feel in your lower or upper back.

Why Does It Occur?

A question keeps ringing in our minds why does the pain occur? There can be multiple reasons like aging, being overweight, an accident like fall or improper handling of heavy objects.

The pain is also attributed to fracture, stress and many more. It is popular in females during pregnancy.


Nowadays, other than the cold and cough, the other common ailment which people suffer from is back pain. It is generally found in adults between the age group of 35 to 55 years in the United States. Research has proved that the number of people who are opting for back massage therapy is multiplying like never before.

Just like the two flip sides of a coin, if there is a disease, then there are therapies to cure them. I would like to enlighten you on the best possible treatments for back pain.

Common Remedies

Swedish Back Massage Therapy

The Swedish massage therapy is very well-known in the United States. The prime objective is to relax a well as restore your body parts especially the back. Therefore, its advantages go far beyond the relaxation. It is also called as classic massage. In this type of treatment, it is a combination of five styles of massage.

There is light stroking which goes in one direction. Simultaneously, high pressure in the other to loosen as well as relax your muscles and increase your blood flow. Herein, it involves multiple functions together like friction, vibration, kneading, and long strokes.

Warm & Cold Back Massage Therapy

The athletes very well know that applying hot and cold therapy relieves your tired and aching muscles. Why should only the celebrities or the sportsperson benefit from this therapy? This is a very effective and quick treatment. How does it work? While applying the hot therapy it restores your blood flow and at the same time prevents the pain receptors.

The cold therapy decreases the inflammation, slow down your nerve impulses and thereby helps in reducing the pain. It is quick fix solution which can be tried at home. Just place an electric heating pad on the affected area for 15 minutes and then apply the ice pack for next 15 minutes.

Adequate Sleep

Believe it or not, the best remedy for your back massage therapy is a peaceful sleep. Your sleep has incredible restoring powers. You might not be aware that the maximum work of repair and regeneration takes place while you are fast asleep.

Again, science has proved that out of 5 people who fall ill, 4 of them fall sick due to lack of sleep. People who persistently sleep less than seven hours suffer from severe mental and physical health conditions.

Deep Tissue Back-Massage therapy

In comparison to the Swedish massage or the acupressure, herein the massage goes in deep layers of the tissues in your body.

Deep tissue massage targets the muscle beneath the surface, with the therapist slowly using firm pressure with their fingers, palms, or elbows. Herein, the deep pressure is applied to the targeted areas within your back bringing about health benefits and a general feeling of relaxation. It is beneficial because it increases the blood flow and helps in decreasing any muscle tensions.

Yoga and Meditation

You have also natural remedies like Yoga and meditation at your fingertips to help you eliminate the pain. Yoga and meditation strengthen your muscles, and when practiced daily it gives amazing results.

Further, Yoga and meditation gives long-term benefits and acts as best exercises for back massage therapy. You will find more about back and neck massage on

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