Awesome tech you can use on your sports holiday


For the tech geek there is a lot of choice for gadgets that you can use on your next holiday.

Gas Powered Surfboards

A gas powered surfboard will go up to 36mph and can be used on lakes or in the sea. You don’t need any waves to be able to use them. They’re much easier to get the hang of than traditional surfboards because you’re able to put in much more practice time as you don’t have to wait for waves. Made from carbon fibre these boards are very light and good for beginners.


A new type of product has appeared within the last few years that has been designed specifically for tracking your activity and fitness levels.

This fitness tracker is great to take on an activity holiday so that you can show all of your friends that you weren’t just lazing around on the beach. What’s really awesome about the Fitbit is that there are new, much more fashionable models available that you can wear as a necklace or bracelet. These are great if you still want to track your activity even when you’re on the way to a dinner party!

Tudor Watches

For divers or swimmers, Tudor Watches are a luxury item that is also functional. Tudor is the sister brand to Rolex and has plenty of heritage. These watches have been used by divers for many decades and are proven to be reliable. If you need a fashionable diving watch for your next Cozumel scuba diving trip, then be sure to try out one of their models.

Mobile ski tracking apps

When you’re out on the slopes with friends there’s always the age old argument of who has skied down the steepest part of the slope and who is the fastest. You can prove that it was you with a ski tracking app for your smartphone. There are quite a few apps available, including Ski Tracks. As long as the app is running and you have GPS turned all of your skiing activity can be tracked, so that you can show your friends that you really did take on the steepest black run!

Action cameras

No matter what sport you’re doing there will be an action camera you can use to record your stunts and activities. The popular brands are GoPro and Drift. Action cameras are suitable for most sports and are very rugged, they can record in places that other cameras can’t go, such as attached to the bottom of a drone.

Both of these companies make high quality HD cameras with a range of fittings so that they can be placed anywhere you like, including on helmets or on the front of surfboards. Most action cameras can be made waterproof so they can be used on or underwater, which makes them a good choice for divers who want to record their experiences. You can quickly and easily edit your videos and upload them to Youtube so that you can share them with your friends.

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