Awesome Tech All Musos Need In Their Lives

If music makes your world go round, then it probably dominates your time and thoughts as well. That means you’ll be interested in some of these awesome tech items that will help to feed your habit. So, check out our recommendations below.


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Song Finders

Have you ever heard a song on the radio or on an advert and been desperate to know what it was, but just couldn’t remember? If so then maybe you could benefit from a song finder.

You can get apps like Shazam that you activate when the song is playing, and it will find it for you. Or the alternative is that you can find a website like Then if you know some of the lyrics you can enter them into the site, and it can help you to identify that elusive song.

Music Games

Do you want to expand your musical talent as well as just listening to your favorite tunes on the go? Then maybe something like these music games would work for you?

Some games come in the forms of apps that you download onto your mobile device. Then you can use these to practice your keyboard or drum scales on the bus to work in the morning. You can even improve your listening skills or brush up on your music reading. Great for making the most of your time for musical purposes.


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Pedal Boards

A great techy gadget for the guitar player is a pedal board. It is a board that you can wire all of your different guitar pedals up to so they are all in one place. That means you can have all your most used effects easily accessible. If you don’t own many pedals already, we suggest getting a nice reverb pedal to start with.

It also means that if you are gigging, all you need to do in plug the boards it can all run off the same power pack. That will save you loads of time on your setup so you can just get straight on with your sound check.

Speakers and earphones

Of course, as a musician yourself, you will be interested in how good the sound quality of your speakers is.  So you might find yourself taking a portable Bluetooth speaker with you on your travels. This can help save you from the hell that is playing your tracks out of your mobile phone speaker.



There are plenty of portable systems with high-quality sounds available like Bose Soundlink or Beats Pill by Dre. You can even get waterproof ones for when you are in the shower or bath!

If you prefer to listen to your tunes through earphones instead of out loud, then it is worth investing in a good pair. You can get some great in-ear phones. Or how about some cans which have fantastic noise canceling properties.

Metronome watch

This is a clever little device for all musicians out there. It is a smart watch-style gadget that provides a vibration to a certain beat, metronome style.

This makes keeping the timing of what you are playing super easy. In fact, it works like a biofeedback device making the whole experience of rhythm easily integrated with your playing. It also looks pretty cool too. Which is never a bad thing!

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