Awesome hairstyles to match your prom dress

It takes a lot of work to be organized for your prom. Long before the date, you’ll want to start thinking about your dress. It’s the one thing that ties all other aspects of your outfit together. The best way to ensure you get the perfect dress is to look at as many different options as possible.

Instead of visiting a local dress store and looking at the limited selection available, check out what Hello Molly has to offer. You can order, try, and even return until you find the perfect dress.

Only then can you start planning the rest of your outfit, including your accessories and hair. Don’t forget, the right hairstyle will help you look sensational on the night.

The Classic Updo

This is a great option when you’ve chosen a prom dress with back detail that needs to be seen to be appreciated. The updo lifts the hair off your neck and moves it higher up your head, allowing people to appreciate your dress. A topknot is a great option and it leaves you free to dance the night away.

Halfway Up

If you’ve decided on a dress that draws attention to the front of your body then you’re not going to want to distract people with hair that flows all over it. Instead, opt for a halfway up, allowing you to display your dress in all its glory.

Don’t forget, if your dress has sparkly stones or similar you’ll want to incorporate this into your hairstyle via the right accessories. It ensures your hair compliments your dress instead of overpowering it.

Keep It Down

Having your hair down and natural can be a big plus if you’re trying to adopt a red carpet-look. In short, you need your hair to look glamorous. That means boosting the volume, perhaps by adding waves or curls.

If you desire you can sweep your hair to one side, allowing people to appreciate the detail on your dress while maintaining an old-school Hollywood vibe.

The Classic Ponytail

This may seem a little standard for a night as special as your prom. But, it’s a great hairstyle if you want to let the fun side of your personality out. The ponytail will bounce as you move. You can even boost the volume of your hair with some curls. It’s surprising how glamorous this looks.

Cut It Short

This generally works better if you have short hair. But, you can make a radical change for your prom by cutting your hair short and adding some curls to create a modern, spirited look. This type of hair can be matched to any style of dress as the hair won’t distract from the dress and how gorgeous you look.

It’s best to try your desired hairstyle before the night as this will allow you to adjust it to suit your needs. Don’t forget, the right hairstyle should be supplemented with a few hair accessories. This will help tie your outfit together and ensure you are the belle of the ball.

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