Attractive looks can carry the Image of a Golf Player

golf fashion tips

Do you want to be more attractive in the Golf field? Well here are some golf fashion tips for you. Golf is one of the most stylish games in the world of sports. Appearance is very important to build up a perfect image for a player. The quality of the shirt, pant, shoes everything matters for a player. Since the past fashion is attached with this game completely. Now it has become a trend in the golf world.

Tips on recent golf fashion:

  • Three-quarter shirts can help you to look better in the golf field.


  • If you are wearing a sweater, then keep the collar in to have a clean look.
  • The bottom part of the trouser you are wearing should touch the top of the shoe but not more than that. Wearing like this will provide you a smarter appearance.


  • If you are wearing shorts, then it should be over your knees because long shorts look sloppy.


  • Outwears can be used in rain but it should not be oversized.


  • The socks you are wearing should come just over your ankle but not more than that.


  • The belt matching to the t-shirt can be better than to the shoes.


  • The color combination of the shirt and the pant should be perfect. It should glow too much.


  • If you are choosing light color t-shirt, then you should go for a bold pant.


  • Similarly a bright shirt holds a lighter pant.


  • A bright colored belt or golf hat can also do the trick for you.


  • If you want to give a cool appearance, then just keep the shirt untucked.


Tips about what to avoid:


  1. Most of the golf clubs prefer t-shirt with a collar. So don’t take the risk to wear a round neck.


  1. Some people wear oversized t-shirts to be looked slim which is not a good practice.


  1. Do not tone the collar up it can fall your image down.


  1. The bottom of the trouser should not touch the ground. This is not a smart appearance.


  1. The belt is must in any circumstances so don’t miss it.


  1. You should have a good choice of your shoes; otherwise, the whole appearance can be spoiled.


Golf Fashion Tips for women:


  • Women can have short skirts and a collared t-shirt with a perfect contrast which is much appealing.


  • Full sleeve t-shirt and trouser can also be a good choice.


  • A matching cap can be a good choice to keep the contrast


  • Round necks are also avoidable for women also.


What to avoid:


  1. You should not wear the pants which are oversized


  1. T-shirts should be with collar. Try to avoid round neck t-shirts


  1. The bottom of the pant should not tough the ground. This should touch just the top of the shoes.


These are some golf fashion tips for the rising golfers. Apart from that, you can build up you own fashion by maintaining the rules of the golf clubs. Appearance and the image are the most important thing in a game like a golf. So the players should pay attention to the wearing to become more attractive and carry your personality in front of the other players and the audience. The dos and don’ts of golf fashion has now become a trend in this game. The players are becoming much conscious about their dresses. So you need to adopt this dress and fashion while entering to this golf industry.


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