Artist Temperance Lancecouncil releases a new single Globally We Sing; Erase 19″

Who Says One Artist Can’t Make A ‘Global’ Difference? Singer Temperance Lancecouncil Is One Artist Who Is Trying, And The World Is Noticing

As an artist trying to communicate with the world, singer-songwriter, Temperance Lancecouncil says her goal is to make a difference with her music, however small. “Globally We Sing; Erase 19″is her current musical release, and according to music reviews from around the world, the song has been received with amazing praise.

The American actress and singer-songwriter says her global anthem is written from the heart, for the benefit of the globe. She explains: That’s why the song starts with her asking the world to sing along with her. During the melodic global anthem, the songs fluctuates from very low to very high notes. While doing so, the lyrics reference Polish-French physicist, Marie Curie and American virologist, Jonas Salk. It ends with a reference to global citizens to ‘save the world.’

Lancecouncil says she’s trying to use her voice as an artist to try and send a musical message of global solidarity. That solidarity extends to every medical front-line and first-responder around the world who have, and who continue to work hard in all efforts regarding this pandemic.

She offers a unique brand of country, soulful music that she sings deep from her soul. Readily, she explains that her life hasn’t been without years of pain, so she just “sings it like she feels it,” and her pain allows her to feel the pain of others around the world.

Lancecouncil started singing as a preschooler, and her earliest memories are of her mother teaching her how to harmonize to Motown songs. Like many American singers, she sang in a church, youth choir. Eventually, she moved on to performing in concert choir in high-school.

After studying at a university in her home state, she moved to Los Angeles, California and worked in the music industry where she met several, major recording stars who had an inspirational affect on her life. Later, she formed her own band, which broke up. Not letting that deter her, she continued with her solo career and she garnered a few acting credits that can be viewed on her website. Keeping her theatrical union dues current, she discloses that she still loves acting and it would be her dream to one day work be directed by Academy Award-winning directors Oliver Stone, Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese, in whatever capacity. “I’d play the frog, the banana or a rock, if I could take their direction,” she says half jokingly.

As for her music, she’s had several songs on the charts where she sings and writes about her own life as a Southern girl growing up in a small town; and naturally, she writes and sings about the men who’ve been in her life. This time out, however, with her inspirational and universal anthem, “Globally We Sing; Erase 19,” she’s writing and singing about a much more profound and important subject. She smiles brightly when she explains that she’s overjoyed that the world has taken notice of her anthem, and feels that in a very small way, she just might be making a musical and inspirational difference.

She states that she would love to be – and hopes to be appointed – the Pandemic, ‘Global Music Ambassador’ by any international agency. Another goal that she desires is to get signed real soon by one of the big five labels in Nashville, Tennesse.

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