Art Deco–Inspired Tips for Decorating Your New Home

art deco–inspired

Transport your home to the 1920s with our art deco decorating guide. Embrace bold colors, luxurious furniture, and sophisticated decor for an elegant touch.

The art deco movement originated in the Roaring Twenties and embraced an opulent mix of stylishness, luxury, and sophistication. Characterized by bold geometric shapes, rich colors, and intricate detailing, this design style has stood the test of time and remains a popular choice today. If you just bought a new home and want to decorate it in the art deco style, this blog is for you. Read on for art deco–inspired tips for decorating your new home.

Color Schemes

An essential factor in creating an art deco ambience is the color scheme. Start by selecting rich, deep hues or monochromatic shades that express sophistication and drama. Popular choices include jewel tones, such as emerald green, amethyst, and sapphire blue, along with classic black, silver, and gold tones. You can balance these colors with more neutral shades, such as warm beiges, grays, or creams, to create a well-rounded palette.

Choose several colors that match the color scheme you’re going for. For example, placing black furniture pieces next to an emerald green wall will look luxurious and scream art deco.

art deco–inspired

Furniture and Accessories

Once you’ve decided on a color scheme, move on to furnishing your home with appropriate furniture and accessories. Art deco exudes glamour in its design elements, so look for distinctive furniture pieces with clean lines, tapered legs, and geometric contours.

Importantly, you must avoid overcrowding the space. Art deco exudes elegance, and nothing about a cluttered space says luxury. Instead, choose a select few statement pieces that exemplify the art deco aesthetic. Restricting your furniture purchases to just a few iconic pieces is also one of the best tips for finding affordable furniture, so it’s a win-win! Consider adding plush upholstered armchairs, glass-top coffee tables, or an impressive cocktail bar to radiate elegance.


Lighting is essential in perfecting the overall ambience of an art deco–inspired room. Opt for striking fixtures, such as chandeliers, floor lamps with elegant shapes, and ornate table lamps. The more unique a lighting fixture is, the better. Additionally, focus on incorporating reflective surfaces, like mirrored or metallic accents, in your decor to amplify the effect of your chosen lighting solutions.

Wall Decor

Finally, adorn your walls with art deco–inspired wall decor to complete the look. Experiment with geometric patterned wallpaper, framed prints of vintage posters or artwork, or decorative mirrors featuring sunburst or fan motifs. Ensure consistency in your design by incorporating the same luxurious materials, colors, and patterns found in your furniture and accessories.

You can easily revive the opulence and sophistication of the art deco movement with the right approach. By implementing these art deco–inspired tips for decorating your new home, you can create a living space that exudes elegance and charm.


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