Are You Living In An Interior Nightmare?

Is your home a pleasure to be in? Or, is it a living nightmare? Not everyone has a naturally creative side, and while some people may find it easy to adorn their home, others struggle. Perhaps your house looked beautiful, to begin with, but as the years have gone by it has lost its sparkle? No matter what applies, there is no need to worry, as we have some top tips to help you transform the interior design of your home, from gorgeous upholstery to paint suggestions.

Re-upholster your chairs

Do you have tatty, worn chairs in the kitchen, dining or living area? If so, you don’t need to spend a fortune purchasing new ones. Instead, you could make your chairs look as good as new by reupholstering them. This is something you could do yourself if you are brave enough, or there are plenty of companies offering the service. There are so many gorgeous fabrics available on the market today, and you can really give your chairs a stunning makeover that will transform the room in which they are placed.

Mix it up

It can be easy to feel like you have to start all over again. So, you get rid of all your furniture, you paint all of the rooms, and you buy furniture from a specific range, ensuring it all matches. While there is nothing wrong with this, it’s expensive and can often result in a bland-looking interior. Instead, mix up patterns and texture. Mix the inexpensive with the expensive and the old with the new, for example, a low-cost rug can look incredible with a sleek hardwood floor. By doing this, you will create a home that is one of a kind. Plus, you won’t have to totally start from scratch; some of your existing pieces can co-exist beautifully with other new pieces you buy.

Invest in decorative mirrors

Not only do mirrors look stunning, as there are so many different designs available today, but they can open up space and make it look much bigger. If you have a small room or a room that is awkwardly shaped and has a limited amount of natural light, you should place a mirror directly across from the windows. The light will bounce off the mirrors and back into the room, opening up space and instantly making it look bigger and more welcoming.

Choose lighter, softer shades

Again, if you have a small or awkwardly shaped room, opting for soft, light wallpaper or paint is the best way to go. You will maximise the room and ensure you don’t feel boxed in. It is also much easier to get it wrong with a dark colour. You can end up making the room feel dingy and unwelcoming if you are not careful. It’s better to play it safe – you will have a nice neutral shade, and you can build your room upon this with beautiful furniture and décor. Remember, light and soft doesn’t necessarily mean cream, you can still add intrigue and style with a dove grey, mint green, or lilac, for example.

So there you have it; some top tips to follow if your interior design is currently an eyesore. Don’t panic; it may feel like you have a massive task ahead of you, but you will be shocked by how much difference a few simple changes can make. Get rid of all the clutter, and then follow the tips mentioned above, and you will feel like you have a brand new home. If you are really struggling, view interior design photos online for inspiration or ask for some professional assistance.

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