Are you Anxious about Going to the Dentist?


Do you shiver at the thought of going to the dentist? Do you get increasingly nervous as your dental appointment approaches? You are not alone. Fear of the dentist chair is very common and most people will feel a little anxiety as they head in for their dental appointment.

Many dentists will go out of their way to help their patients and put their minds at ease if they know they are nervous. However, if your anxiety is so great that it is affecting you negatively, then it would be wise to call ahead of your appointment to let your dental surgery know that you are a nervous patient. This way they can prepare for your visit and do everything possible to make you feel comfortable and well cared for.

Let’s look at some of the ways dentists help their nervous patients to feel more at ease. This can be very reassuring to you to know in advance and can help you cope better with your anxiety.

Dental Consultations

Most dentist offer consultations for new patients, especially when they know they are anxious about visiting the dentist. A consultation allows you as a patient to get more familiar with the surroundings and environment of the surgery. You can get a chance to visit and meet the staff without actually having to have any dental treatment done.

Most dental staff will be happy to show you around and discuss procedures in more detail. Knowing you are a nervous patient will enable them to book some extra time to explain things and answer your questions in a calm and relaxed manner to put you more at ease.

Of course it is logical that you will feel a little apprehensive visiting a surgery you are unfamiliar with, so having a consultation will help you to feel better about your first proper visit. Meeting the staff and having a look around will make it seem much less daunting when you do need to go for some treatment.


Making you feel comfortable

A lot of dental surgeries are geared up to treat nervous patients and have specially prepared treatment rooms on hand to help anxious patients feel more comfortable. Many of the treatment rooms will be decorated and furnished to look like a comfortable living room rather than a sterile and cold surgery.

Many dentists will suggest you bring in some of your favourite music to listen to, or a favourite film to watch while you are being treated. Some surgeries even carry virtual reality goggles for you to wear that really can take your mind out of the surgery environment.


Some patients are troubled by seeing surgical instruments or are triggered by certain smells, so if your dentists knows this in advance, they can discreetly hide away their surgical instruments until you are comfortably seated before bringing them out. Some may have a diffuser or scented oil burner going while you are being treated to ease your mind.


If you are really nervous about having any dental treatment, then your dentist may recommend you have sedation. Sedation is used by dentists to help you relax while having your treatment. Under sedation you will feel no pain and you will feel calm and relaxed.

Talk to your dentist about sedation if your fear of the dentist is too great to manage through other techniques.

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