Are Thighs More Prone to Ringworm?


Ringworm can occur on any part of your body. They occur due to spreading of infection, which in turn can be caused due to unhygienic living conditions. It is a sort of fungal infection, which spread over other parts of your body if left untreated.

Inner things are an area, which if not cleaned properly can be an appropriate place for the growth of these fungal infections as the sweat accumulates in these areas. If you have heavy thighs or are in the habit of wearing tight fitting clothes, it can provide a condition for this fungus to grow and spread. The warmth of the body and moisture of the sweat reacts together, to provide them a perfect environment to establish and grow.

The Disease!

Ringworm are a fungal infection, which grows due to unhygienic living conditions. It is scaly in nature. The skin around the infected area would become red and itchy. Sweat is like food for this infection and helps them grow into other areas of that body part. They can easily spread when you scratch on infected part of your body and touch other parts.

Also, if you encounter other people who have this infection, you can get infected with this fungus. Ringworm on thighs is very common, especially among the male community.

When ringworm gets to private parts its known as tinea cruris commonly known as jock itch. It is inevitable for athletes and they resort to the jock itch cream for its cure. So how to avoid such situations? Let’s find out…

The Cure!

Maintaining hygienic conditions is the only cure for this fungus, or else it will keep on spreading to other parts of your body. Ringworm don’t go on its own. You must apply antifungal ointments or the ringworm cream regularly on affected area to get rid of this disease. You need to follow basic steps for thigh ringworm treatment.

You need to wash the area with anti-fungal soap and keep it dry. After washing, apply some ointment on affected area. Repeat these steps after every four to five hours until the infection is cured completely.

You need to make sure that infection is gone completely before you stop applying the ointment or else it could grow again. You can test this by touching the infected area, and it should feel smooth like other parts of your body without any redness or scaly rough skin.

Try to wear loose clothes so that your skin could breathe to treat this infection. Wearing tight fitting clothes can worsen the condition as it helps to accumulate the sweat in affected area thus providing them perfect condition to grow and flourish.

Prevention Methods

Once cured, you would never like to have this disease again. It is also considered a sign of unhygienic living standards.You should take a bath every day and clean your inner thigh area properly with soap and water. Especially after exercising or a heavy workout, you should prevent sitting in those exercise clothes.

You should develop a habit of hitting the shower straight away to wash off all the sweat and dirt from your body. Pat-dry your body properly, after taking a bath. Moisture of any kind (when reacts with the dirt present on your body) can cause this infection to re-occur.

You can also apply some medicinal talcum powder around your inner thigh area to avoid the sweat to accumulate in that area to welcome this infection again while you work in the field, especially during summers.

Living a healthy and clean hygienic life will help you never encounter this disease again. If you have experienced any other fruitful way to fight these ringworm, please share your story in the comments section below.

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