Are Millennials Really The Diamond Free Generation?


Recently, I have come across more than a few articles claiming that the generation of millennials has completely given up on diamonds. They don’t buy them, they don’t wear them, and they don’t even love them. Well, as a part of that generation, and after doing some research, I really need to emphasize the wrongness of this whole concept. It’s just not true.

Is There At Least A Bit Of Truth To This?

Come on, people, do you really think that any generation is able to resist the beauty of some of the best diamond cuts they come across? It’s not like we are blind. What millennials might be giving up on is the older generations’ tradition of buying these gems only, and I mean ONLY, when they want to get engaged. That’s because we really do believe that you cannot put a price on love and most of us don’t need materialistic proofs of affection.

There, I will give you that. We no longer buy diamonds the way our parents and grandparents used to buy them. But, it is definitely not correct that we have stopped altogether. In fact, millennials might be the generation that holds these precious gems in an even higher regard. Furthermore, we might also be the generation that buys them even more than the previous ones.

Therefore, I am not sure where this misconception came from and how it got so widespread so quickly. But, I am now going to try and bust this myth. How? Well, I’ll simply give you a really short, yet effective, list of only some of the possible reasons why a millennial might buy a diamond. Spoiler alert: It’s not ONLY for marriage purposes.

After reading my list, I hope you can tell me yourself whether you really and sincerely believe that these jewels are so disrespected and hated by our generation. If I end up finally convincing you that this myth above is…well, only a myth, then you owe me a “thank you”, or something. If nothing else, us millennials love a good challenge. So – challenge…wait for it… accepted.

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Time To Celebrate

“I have just graduated from college”, “I’ve passed my bar exam”, “Hey, guys, I’m having a big birthday party this weekend”, “Honey, I’m pregnant”, “I’ve sold my first piece of art”, “ My publisher says that my book is going to be a huge success”, “I’m getting married” etc.

These are just some of the reasons for a millennial to organize a celebration. And, guess what? Depending on the respective financial situation of the people close to them, they are bound to get at least one piece of jewelry with a diamond. Notice how the marriage is still on the list? Well, I couldn’t remove it altogether. After all, diamonds do tend to be the symbol of love.


Do you really dare tell me that this generation has stopped worrying about how they are perceived socially? Yeah, right, that’s why Instagram is blowing up with photographs of places they have visited, food they have eaten, gifts they have received. Notice something here? I am not proud of this particular trait of my fellow millennials, but I cannot deny it either.

So, we have made it clear – millennials like to show off what they have. Imagine what the Instagram would look like if all the women from this generation received a diamond ring on the very same day? I believe they would need to shut it down temporarily, until the excitement dies down. I said “received”, but keep in mind that a lot of ladies also buy the products themselves, and then present them to the world. Related content.

Symbolism Isn’t Dead

No matter how much these false misconceptions might have made me indignant and a bit resentful towards the long revered tradition of buying diamonds as engagement rings, there is something I cannot deny. They are still a symbol of love, even for my generation. And, chances are that receiving them might make a person cry a little bit. But, it doesn’t merely have to be the symbol of love between people who are in a romantic relationship. Everyone can show anyone they truly love and appreciate them with a gift like this.

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