Antique Jewellery – Perfect For Any Bride

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Every piece of antique jewellery is just as stunning as the next and it can be worn on a daily basis adding beauty and elegance to any outfit. However different pieces can be bought for different occasions, and the perfect occasion for antique jewellery is your wedding day. If you are a bride to be and are looking for the perfect pieces of jewellery to compliment that beautiful dress, antique jewellery will look subtle and beautiful finishing off your wedding look perfectly. Every bride looks to perfect all the finishing touches, and antique jewellery will certainly look the part on the day providing you with sophisticated pieces and a wedding outfit to be proud of. In order to take a look at the synergy between antique jewellery and brides, we caught up with leading antique jewellery dealer, Royal Antique Jewellery.


With the intricate and elegant designs of antique jewellery, each piece from any era will compliment your white dress just as you want it to. With designs from many different eras to choose from, you will easily find the right pieces for you. Whether you are wearing a detailed lace dress or something simpler, finding the designs and era you love keep all aspects of your wedding look personal and perfected. If your dress is simple, why not try an unusual piece from the art deco era? Or if you are looking for something more feminine go for a lovely floral piece from the victorian period. Whether you are looking for some simple earrings or a statement necklace, there is something out there for every bride.


The finishing touches to your wedding outfit should be just as special and though about as the dress itself, and antique jewellery adds something special and unique which reflects the day to remember. Each piece of antique jewellery is unique with the age and careful craftsmanship of each design, so it is likely that you are wearing a beautiful one of a kind piece making it personal to you and your special day. Of course your jewellery can’t upstage the ring, so keeping it to just a piece or two will leave the look elegant and sophisticated keeping the attention on the ring itself. If your ring is an antique piece then choose pieces from the same era to compliment it. Antique engagement rings have risen in popularity over recent years due to the unique qualities, but why not go the whole way and match your other pieces for a show stopping bridal look.


Finding the perfect antique pieces to wear on your wedding day is a fun and enjoyable experience to do with your friends. Pampering and girly shopping is essential for any bride before the big day, and once the pressure is taken off finding the perfect dress, the perfect accessories need to be sourced too. You may even be able to borrow a piece from a friend or relative that you have had your eye on, however investing in the pieces for the big day will mean you can cherish them forever and wear them afterwards. It can take time to find the perfect pieces to compliment that beautiful dress, however when your look is complete it will certainly have been worth every minute. So if you are a bride to be, start your search today in order to perfect every detail.

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