An Upcoming Fashion Brand launching in 2019 that You Don’t Want To Miss Out On !

Jamal Maison is a fashion designer from small town north of Dallas, Texas.

He describes the brand as “ a luxury, French based clothing line created by American fashion designers Jamal Mwamba and Marsean Scott. It was founded in 2018 in Dallas, Tx and has since made its way to becoming a highly recognized Clothing Store. The Red & Beige luxury brand symbolizes gratitude through floral patterns, French messages, 999, and angels. It is only worn by the most creative down to earth, and inspired individuals. 999”

Jamal makes it known that the meaning of Dis Merci means “say thank you” in French. This from his French origin, Jamal stated that the first language he learned to speak was French. His parents grew up in Africa and attended school in Europe, and taught Jamal French around the house when he was younger. The meaning of the 9 is patience, perfection of god, inspiration, and ultimately completion. The message that Jamal is trying to orchestrate through his clothes is that being grateful for what you have is what brings completion in your life.

“I was in high school and I was a basketball player and that’s all I was committed to. I never thought that I was going to be into this. I just remember that everyday before school I liked putting together clean outfits and people loved the way I dressed. My junior year of high school me and my friend marsean actually started selling shirts. We made a brand called benji$ and sold shirts to people in the city, than got into the whole entrepreneurial life. I had a close friend that passed away during that time and I even made some shirts dedicated to him. After that, my freshman year of college at TSU I stopped benji$ because at that point I felt like it was corny, so I recreated a whole new brand with more meaning. That whole year I was just putting up ideas on the drawing board.”

He states “Gratitude has and always will take a person far in life. It changes your mindset into a more abundant mindset. I want people to see this brand and think gratitude for life, and all the good moments that they’ve been through. It’s more than just clothes, I want Dis Merci To hold meanings in people’s heart for the long term. I want people to have a shirt and over wear it until it starts fading out, and then hang up on the wall because they love the message that it portrays to them.”

He states that the mission statement “No Matter what you have, what your going through, or what has happened, everything can change just by saying thank you for what is there.”

Jamal has some pretty exciting pieces coming from the brand and wants to promote the brand message more throughout 2019. He states to eventually someday become a heritage brand that people can always bring back eventually.

Jamal’s states that the vision for the brand is bigger than him and is about more than just making money. He states that “I don’t want to just make clothes, but I’m using it as an outlet for

the bigger things I want to do in the world eventually, I can’t really speak on it, but people will see”.

Jamal’s and Marsean’s collection is looking to drop soon and you can follow them on Instagram to keep a close eye out on release dates.

Instagram @jamalmaison

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