An Explanation of Vagal Tone

vagus nerve

When it comes to nerve stimulation and how it helps our body to stay young, it is good to understand what vagal tone is and the considerations we need to think of in terms of our vagal nerve.

Maintain Your Youth

Keeping an eye on your vagus nerve and keeping it toned will help you to look and feel younger. As a rough calculation, perhaps 10 years younger than if we do nothing.

To allow our body to age naturally is an act of neglect in many respects. Particularly when there are things, we can do to slow the aging process down considerably.

Electronic Methods

We can stimulate our vagus nerve using an electronic device. This is a simple device to use despite the technology it contains. The device will be worn for a very short period each day, minutes rather than hours, to then give you the long-term benefits that come with extended youth.

A tVNS device can be just what you need to stimulate your vagus nerve without the bother of any other methods, but they are listed below if you want to give any of them a try. For just 15 minutes of stimulation daily with a tVNS device, you can tone your vagus nerve to keep it in tip-top shape. These devices will rebalance nervous systems and are wonderful when it comes to slowing down the aging process. As a pocket-sized device inside a carrycase, it is no bother to take one of these devices on holiday with you and not miss even a single day’s treatment.

Natural Stimulation for the Vagus Nerve

Laughter is a natural medicine that will keep us looking, thinking, and performing as if we were years younger. We never want to lose that youthful sense of humour. We can laugh more by being around happy people and watching, listening to, and reading comedy. Laughing is exercising our vagus nerve.

Physical exercise keeps us fit, maintains heart health and the cardiovascular system, and is good for the mind too when it comes to remaining in good shape. Good shape is not just about losing excess fat, that we see visually, but also about the internal health of our body. The breathing control needed for many exercises will give our vagus nerve a workout. We can get physical and relaxed with yoga to stimulate our vagus nerve, which is a wonderful form of exercise to destress. Exercises, or perhaps actions, that are also effective stimulators for your vagus nerve include humming, singing, chanting, and gargling. All of these could be done, separately, to help with stimulation.

Breathe deeply instead of the shallow breathing we just about get away with to keep us alive. Get out into the fresh air and take a deliberate large breath and then take a while exhaling it. This is very relaxing as we bring ourselves closer to nature at the same time.

Shock therapy can assist in stimulating our vagus nerve. Shock yourself, though, not other people. Avoiding electrical sockets, for obvious reasons, we can consider cold river swims, where and when it is safe to do so, having an ice bath if we are brave enough, or simply a cold shower of a morning. Regarding open water swimming, you should never swim following heavy rain when further water will have made its way into a river. Join a group of outdoor swimmers and get to know the safe rivers to practice outdoor swimming. Be aware of how private an area you are doing it, not to break any laws. Respect those fishing and their tackle.

It is good to know that there are so many ways that we can stimulate our vagus nerve. This is important if we want to stay younger than the numbers suggest. We can defy maths when we invest in a tVNS stimulator device and try out some natural remedies too. We can work on toning our vagus nerve to the benefit of our body in terms of its function and looks. We can be the modern-day Peter Pan who we used to read about as a child if we wish. Perhaps keep our looks like many of the rich and famous seem to have managed, naturally, or otherwise. In our eyes, anyway.

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