An exclusive interview with My Makeup Collection, new mobile makeup management

appWhat inspired you to start a mobile makeup management app?
My Makeup Collection started out as an idea when I could not find a good way to keep a track of the makeup I already had at home when I was at the shops. I would try a tester and think I really loved the color or texture of a product, then come home and discover I already had a very similar product in my vanity (and in some cases the exact same one…).

What is the brands philosophy?
Our philosophy is that a truly user focused product will be more powerful than an advertiser based app. We see beauty blogging and sharing information about beauty as a really exciting area where girls and women are involved in technology – it’s great to see all the websites and blogs that come out of this field by women all around the world from all different backgrounds. We love being a part of this space.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
I’m most proud of the feedback we are getting from our users. These are some genuine emails from my users;

“Thank you.  Loving the app. I’ve searched and tried so many apps but this was the best one or of them all.  Thank you again”

“This is awesome, I have been looking like an app like this for ages. I’m finally getting some of the products on my wishlist instead of getting distracted in the store”

We’ve also had some great coverage in the professional beauty media.

Where can our readers find you online?
You can find us at
or at the itunes store (
and the Google Play store at (

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