Amazing lingerie offers for the month of July: minimum 30% Off

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Don’t all women hate it when they have to go to a stupid lingerie store and deal with those attendants when they are so shy about buying lingerie? I bet all of the women do. This is why all the online lingerie stores area blessing in disguise. They are the perfect place to shop for all the sexy lingerie available in the market. Above all, you could get minimum 30% off across all stores online and across various categories like shape wear, bras, underwear, and many more.



No woman can say no to a sexy piece of lingerie. When it comes to bras there are a lot of things to look out for. You see comfort, style, material and many more things. Online stores like zivame have a wide variety of bras available with them from brands like amante, jockey, enamour etc. which are the cream brands of lingerie. Under this simple category of bras you have tons of sub-categories which make shopping even easier for you like t-shirt bras, stick on bras, bralettes, maternity bras, backless bras and what not to shop from. Above that, they have huge discounts and lingerie offers on them.

  • Exclusive lingerie offers

The best of lingerie offers are available on as most of the bras have buy 1 get 1 free offer which is available on most categories like t-shirt bras, backless bras etc. Above that, most of them have min 40% off on the store. Packages are also available which offer sets of bras at very nominal prices.

You could get most of these branded bras on Jabong as well at quite a nominal amount of discount. Calvin klein is the most popular brand at the store with maximum discount up-to 50%. Solid bras are totally in right now and some of these products could go well as day outfits as well.


Bralettes are something that go really well as outfits too. You could just put on a shrug over it or pair it with a skirt and you are good to go. The best part is they come in so many materials and designs which go really well with everything. Some have a nice back and some have lace fronts. Zivame has its own collection of bralettes are to die for. You will see a lot of lace in all the product ranges across stores like zivame, pretty secrets, Myntra, street style store and many more. Some of these stores have exclusive ranges especially in lace and in colours like grey, black with very minimalistic and enticing looks. You would definitely love the whole collection and when all of it has huge discount, there is no better option.

  • Exclusive lingerie offers

There is no limitation on the lingerie offers, each and every store that sells lingerie has some kind of discount on it. You can buy from official brand stores or buy from stores like Shein which give you 200/- off on your first order. There are other stores which have categorized their products according to discount and you can get up-to 50% off on most of the products. There are some happy sale lingerie offers as well where you get buy 1get 1 free.


A good night is affected by many things and one of those things is what you wear. You could actually treat yourself with a silky robe or a good pair of silk pajamas but where would you get all that? Nowhere else but on all the online lingerie stores. From zivame, amante, clovia to pretty secrets, every store has a great collection of night wear. Some of these stores have a fun style on night wear for every night. The materials available are also really vast, cotton dresses are the most comfortable to sleep in. not just that, camis and shorts in prints and various colours are also available. The bumper offers on all these are totally worth checking out.

  • Exclusive lingerie offers

The endless lingerie offers across the stores are extremely worth checking. Zivame gives 250/- off on your order on using a simple code which is GRAB250. Just a simple step will earn you huge discounts on stylish night wear. The special clovia lingerie sale is another thing that you can check out as all products have 200/- off on them. Some brands have extra discounts like jockey and some of its products start at just 349/-. You could browse through the collection of similar brands and see which have the maximum offers and buy accordingly.


Shape wear is something we women need direly. How do you think we manage to look good in that tight dresses? Shape wear really comes in handy in such cases. Different shades and sizes of shapewear are available online. The most popular ones are in nude shades, there are shorts available, cover alls and many of them are almost invisible. The materials are also quite stretchable but durable as well. Black coloured shape wear is also available and stockings are something that are very useful and look good in black colour.

  • Exclusive lingerie offers

Most of the stores online have lingerie offers going on, especially shape wear because no doubt they are quite costly. Pretty secrets is actually launching anew collection of shape wear which will have products starting from 999/- during the sale period. Some other stores like clovia also have new stuff coming in which are at 20% off. Be on the look out for great offers coming your way.


Lingerie sets are always fascinating as they are very aesthetic. They are the perfect choice when it comes to buying proper lingerie that isn’t just lingerie but makes you look good as well and is more like clothing. You will see a lot of lingerie sets in silk and lace and in combinations as well as they are quite trendy. After all no woman likes different pieces in a set and they go very well with dresses or when you want to style up your lingerie along with dresses or tops. The colours available are also quite a few and the black range is extremely good.

  • Exclusive lingerie offers

Sets of lingerie can be quite costly so lingerie offers are almost necessary here. Clovia has its 2018 sale coming in which will have 20-80% off on lingerie sets especially. Zivame also has a sale in its pocket where a purchase of 1400/- can earn you 15% off. You could buy tons of products here and forget about prices because you’ll save a lot here.


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Lingerie shopping online is something that a lot of women might enjoy just like any other clothing piece. Just like any other clothing piece lingerie also deserves some offers which most of the lingerie stores are giving away to their beloved customers. It’s your chance to save up something you have never been able because of going to all the shops. Stop without being shy and knock yourself out.


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