Alternative methods of traveling without your car

There is a strong movement towards alternative modes of transportation. You can see that more and more bike paths and sidewalks are constantly popping up. Car congestion and parking have reached critical levels, therefore living your car at home makes sense (both financially and environmentally). To make a short trip to the store or your friends’, you can consider these alternative ways of traveling: 

·        Walking

Walking is healthy and in many cases fast, especially in urban areas. If you are on foot you will never be stuck in rush-hour traffic and you don’t have to worry about finding a spot to park or your car overheating. You also get the chance to move more and burn some extra calories, while walking to the grocery store, for example. You will save cash from gym membership and with this money you can buy a pair of nice sneakers or backpack, which will come useful for your future walking experience.

·        Boarding

A longboard is the cousin of the skateboard. While skateboards are for tricks, longboards are mainly used for transportation. Their popularity is surging nowadays. This mode of transportation is economical and green, and it can be very fun to use, too. Due to the longer and wider decks, longboards are more stable and maneuverable than traditional skateboards. There are foldable electric longboards, such as Linky Innovation, which are fast, light, provide compact size when folded, and a large range. Some of them are pieces of art, too. By using one of those, you will not only be able to move fast from point A to point B but at the same time experience excitement and freedom.

·        Biking

This is also a popular and healthy method of traveling, both in and outside the city. Bicycle sales grow stronger year by year. And this is completely normal, considering that the average operating cost of a bicycle is around $400, while the average cost of operating a car is nearly 25 times more. By using a bicycle in the city, your savings will grow dramatically. And at the same time, you will be fitter.

·        Scooter

This is a very tempting alternative form of transportation. Scooters are often used for deliveries, so there must be reasons for that. The first one is that they can get up to 100 miles per gallon. Another one is they are easy to navigate through traffic and are much cheaper to buy and maintain, compared to cars. There are even electric scooters – quiet, clean and cheaper to maintain; with a pretty good range.

·        Kick Scooters

Those are not only for kids. On the right terrain, there are adults using them to kick their way to a quick errand, too. Some of the benefits of those are: they are inexpensive, lightweight and often foldable. You can reach a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. It is ideal for short distances.


With those alternatives to your car, you can save money, be more fit and create an exciting experience, while traveling to your job or grocery store.

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