All You Need To Know About Straight Drop Awnings

If you want to make your outdoor space or patio useable throughout the year, or just for a season, installing awnings can be very helpful. Awnings work as amazing shades that keep your windows cover. Of course, you want to keep the sunlight out in summers and awnings can be the ultimate solution to your problem.

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Usually, awnings are available as fixed awnings and retractable awnings. The good part is, you can get them designed according to the sizes of your windows. There is a variety of colors and designs to choose from. This also allows you to beautify your house and enhance its visual appeal. Awnings provide you better insulation for your residential property.

Retractable awnings allow you to control them with an automatic system or by using a manual controlling motor. However, as long as you have fixed awnings or retractable awnings, you have proper control over shades of windows and glare level protection. The best part about awnings is that they can keep the harmful ultraviolet rays from damaging your house and your expensive furniture. They are a better option than your ordinary interior blinds as they provide greater protection.

Awnings are a great source of protection not only for windows but also for your decks and patios. As they can help you minimize the heat when you want your house cool i.e. in summers. And maximize the heat gain when you want your house to be warmer i.e. in winters. This is what no other blind or window coverage solution can provide. In winters, you can enjoy moderate heat gain as the residential awnings are great helpers when it comes to protecting your home from sky radiations at night time that actually reduces your house’s heat.

The installation of the right type of awnings can improve your lifestyle, help you save home energy, and also lets you save some dollars on the cost of tire home maintenance every month.

What Are Straight Drop Awnings?

For people who cannot afford zip screens can actually install straight drop awnings at their home as these are cost-effective and provide amazing coverage. Straight drop awnings are generally available in two varieties; wire-guided straight drop and straight drop. They are quite affordable and excellent alternatives to zip screens.

In these blinds, the fabric is usually not secured inside a channel as it is secured in the zip screens. This normally leads to frequent movement of the screen fabric when it is windy. Moreover, when these are installed on decks or patios, a visible wind and light gap remains between the structure and the fabric.

Spring Straight Drop Awnings, on the other hand, comes with a spring-loaded top roller to keep the fabric in place by holding it with straps and creating tension. Whereas retractable Geared Straight Drop Awnings are easy to operate as they come with a crank handle that can be used to lower or raise the product.

Styles of Straight Drop Awnings

There are three main styles:

Straight Drop Awning – Standard: It does not require posts or channels. When it is rolled down fully, the fabric gets fastened at the base either by using clips or by straps.

Cable Guide Awning: It comes with a cable guide system. Metal cables are present at the sides of the awning, with which the fabric is attached. This system is strong and wind-resistant.

Zip Channel Awning: An internal zip is used to hold the fabric in the channels. These systems secure the fabric and keep it in place even when it is extremely windy.

How to Use Straight Drop Awning?

Clip-On: There is a stainless steel clip present on the bottom that clips on to a mounting point when you are winding down the fabric.

Guide Wire: On both sides, of the awning, there is a stainless steel wires’ set that keeps the fabric secured and in its place. You do not have to worry about locking its bottom rail.

Channel Guide: Works the same as the wire guide but also the fabric’s edge is lock-in and the bottom rail gets held.

The guides on the side provide you with an added benefit of the adjustment. You can easily adjust the height that you need. These awnings can be easily controlled by a gearbox and crank, rope pulley, remote control, or by sun/wind sensors.

Why Do You Need Straight Drop Awnings?

They Are Visually Appealing

These are outdoor blinds that just hang straight from the top. These are installed between 2 poles as these awnings are anchored to an over-roll hood, also known as optional frame box, at the awning’s top and then, to ensure that it stays in place in windy weather, anchors are set down at the ground.

The installation and design of straight drop awnings give your house a visually appealing and sleek look. It can be said that they act like a wall that is built temporarily to protect your home from the weather. Moreover, they are a great source providing you privacy when you need it.

Easy To Use

This product is safe when you have children playing outside your house as it is not operated by cables or chains, or looped cords. Two operating styles are available to use these awnings. One is through a gearbox that counts as manual operation and the other is motorization. For operating a gearbox, a crank handle is used. And a remote control is used to operate the motor.

Straight Drop Awnings that can be created are:

  • Stainless Steel Cable Guide.
  • Gearbox Straight Drop.
  • Spring-loaded Straight Drop.
  • Cord and Reel.
  • Verandah Straight Drop.


You can choose from twelve (12) colors. This means that you have a lot of options to select from according to your house’s exterior. These are basically primary colors that can easily match the exterior color scheme of almost all the homes. The most popular colors are of course Black, Paperbark, and Slate Grey.

The rails and hood can be powder coated so as to match the fabric but that would cost you a little extra. Leaving the frame in Anodized is a good option but if you want, there are some options to get it to powder coated. These options include Primrose, Paperbark, White, Black, Anvil (Ironstone).


Each straight drop awning comes with a warranty of five years. Strong fitting material and durable fabric are used to build these awnings so that they can last a long time and provide you efficient protection from ultraviolet rays and give you the required privacy.


Installing straight drop awnings can help you protect your house from the damaging UV rays and also maintain your house’s heat. With a visibly pleasing appearance and long-lasting quality, these awnings are a better solution than any other outdoor blinds. If you do not want to cover your windows throughout the year but only in one specific season and you want durable awnings, then you can install stationary awnings. These are aluminum awnings that can be removed when not needed.

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