All You Need to Know About Sneakers

Welcome sneakerheads! This article is all about sneakers and how to find the perfect pair that suffices all the requirements in sneaker stores.

Sneakers are as democratic as style or fashion. Sneaker culture is a rapidly expanding ecosystem in recent times. Every week some new sneaker gets launched in the market and it is quite difficult to keep track. Athletic sneakers have abundant cushioning and are literally invented for exercise and leisure.

What are the different types/styles of sneakers?

  • High-top sneakers that normally cover up to the ankle.
  • Low-top sneakers are also known as oxfords. They do not cover the ankle or end right below the ankle.
  • Mid-cut lengths of sneakers fall between the high-top and low-top sneakers.
  • Slip-on sneakers are similar to the oxfords or low-tops that neither cover the ankle nor do they have any laces. These are easy-to-wear shoes.
  • Low-top Circular Vamp or Circular Vamp Oxford (CVO) sneakers just like the low-top models do not cover the ankle. Unlike the low-top model, they have vamps (part of a shoe in front of the ankle seam and above the welt and sole that normally covers the toes) in a circular pattern and they also contain 4 to 5 eyelets.
  • High-top Circular Vamp or Circular Vamp Oxford (CVO) sneakers have similar features to the high-top models along with a circular vamp.

Different purposes that the types of sneaker will fit into

·       Running shoes:

The most common type of sneakers that are available at sneaker stores are running shoes. These sneakers come for toe-heel runners or joggers. These should be generally built with rubber along with metal/plastic stiffness that helps to restrict foot movement. For advanced runners, the sneakers should be flexible and flatter which will allow them to run quickly along with greater comfort. One can choose among the different styles of sneakers but a light-weight sneaker with a shock-absorbing footbed, low-top, and laces will be the perfect fit. Do look out for a breathable material that will let the sweat or moisture out during your exercise.

·       Athleisure sneakers:

This range of sneakers will suit both personalities who look for comfort while doing sports and also those who want to wear the same for other attractive or fashionable events. One can get the best of both worlds. A sneaker with an attractive pattern or color with a comfortable footbed (that can be low or high-cut) and with no laces or slip-on will be the perfect fit for athleisure.

·       Casual wear:

The sneakers need not be only for athletic purposes, people who like to don a sporty look can always opt for sneakers anytime, any day. One can opt for a high-cut sneaker with vibrant laces or slip-on. The high-tech foot-beds or soles do not play a significant role yet comfort should not be compromised. Don a basketball sneaker or a casual slip-on for casual traveling, running errands, or partying. Sneakers always add a chic look to the whole outfit.


Be it any type, sneakers are everywhere and are owned by every age, whether it is you or your grandfather. And if somebody doesn’t own one, go head straight to the sneaker stores now! Next time do not forget to keep one in the gym bag.


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