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All women love jewellery, but we don’t want to see everyone else wearing the same ring or necklace as we are wearing, especially if it is a special item of jewellery, such as an engagement ring. Owning a unique piece of jewellery is a precious thing; imagine being the only person in the world with that ring, imagine having something that has been designed and made just for you, in collaboration with you. It’s more than a pretty piece of jewellery; it is a piece of you, and it carries a great depth of meaning. This is why a lot of people opt for bespoke rings when it comes to weddings in Hong Kong, as they are able to create wedding bands that have a personal touch and symbolise the unique bond shared.

You now know a little bit about why a bespoke engagement ring or wedding band is so precious, but what process is entailed when it comes to custom jewellery design?


It all begins with an appointment between you and the jeweller where you will discuss your wants. This discussion is a pivotal part of the process, as there is a lot that needs to be considered, including stone style, metal colour, size, deadline and budget. The jeweller needs to thoroughly understand your wants so that they can create a piece of jewellery to your exact requirements. Don’t worry if you aren’t one hundred per cent sure about what you want, as the jeweller will offer their suggestions and expert advice in the consultation stage until you come to your final decision.

Technical Drawings


Once the initial appointment is out of the way, the design process will begin with Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings. Your wishes will be brought to life through the use of cutting-edge software, and you will be able to look at some initial sketches to see if there are any changes you’d like made before moving onto the next part in the process.

3D Wax Model


Once you are satisfied, a wax model will be printed using a 3D printer, and this is used to supply a general outline of the piece. You can consider this a ‘draft’ of the final version so to speak, as you are provided with the basis of what your beautiful piece of jewellery is going to look like.



The production process begins next, which involves further shaping as well as polishing and the setting of gems. The length of time this takes is entirely dependent on the complexity of the design. In some instances, stones need to be specially cut or sourced from abroad, and this can add a bit of time to the production process.



The final stage involves cleaning and re-polishing to ensure the piece of jewellery is sparkling and ready to be given to the customer.

A custom piece of jewellery is well worth the wait, and the only thing you need now is a reputable jeweller to provide you with this service. If you are looking for beautiful custom engagement rings in Hong Kong, you should consider Haywards. Haywards have an exceptional reputation as a leading bespoke jeweller, and they can most certainly bring your idea to life. With over 40 years of combined industry experience and G.I.A certificates of authenticity provided with all diamonds, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Author Bio:

Lauren Key
Lauren Key is an experienced GIA qualified jewellery professional at Haywards of Hong Kong, bespoke jewellery provider that established in 2006 to bring the highest levels of British bespoke service to the Asian market.

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