Alana Campos Is This Spring’s Favourite Bunny

Brazil is definitely one of the most beautiful places on the Earth and a certain reason for that is due to its gorgeous women. Alana Campos is born right where the magic of this land shines brighter, in “the Island of Magic” and one can see clearly that some magic dust blessed her with a stunning look. Alana is also a current Playboy model and even starred in a Hollywood movie called “Last Vegas”, playing along some of the best actors in the industry: Robert de Niro, Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas.


alana2The Secret of Beauty

According to an interview given to, besides her natural Brazilian genes, the secret of Alana’s great body is the hard workout that gives her the energy and fit physique. Looking at her photos we can easily understand that beauty is not only a nature-given gift, but must be preserved in order to shine. That’s why we can observe that in many pictures Alana has a water container for her to rehydrate after a long run or workout, without mentioning the well-defined abs that make her so proud. Furthermore, she took part in a project called “My Body Journey” focused on fitness and nutrition for women, being one of the project’s “Journey Girls”.

Being a 5’9” and only 24 year old successful Playboy model (Miss September 2012), Alana Campos is definitely a busy bunny. She is working very hard to stay in shape without forgetting to enjoy life’s various pleasures. She also likes to appear in different kinds of outfits that gives her the body of a mermaid and the spark of an artist. That’s why she’s living in a permanent perpetuation of the happiness that transforms her from a young model into a woman who treats her body as her temple.

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