Age well with a wig

Many people think wigs are designed to make you look younger, but wigs offer the freedom to choose styles and accent the features most important to you. If you do want to look younger, you can. If you want something more mature there’s a wig out there for you. Find the wig that flatters your feminine tones and a wig that shows off your beautiful smile: find your perfect wig by knowing what to look for.

Why wear a wig?
Wear a wig because with so many stylish options out there, you’ll find a look you love. Natural hair thins as we mature, it’s a natural process, but it’s not always flattering. Get advice on which wig can best complement your bone structure and even the shape of your face.

What type of wig is right for me?
A wig will be made with either synthetic hair strands or with actual human hair. Each wig will have its benefits and drawbacks. There are no right or wrong choices, so choose to suit your look and your lifestyle.


  • Synthetic hair wigs offer a wide range of styles at an affordable price. They are a little less delicate, but they can also look a little less real. Many high-quality synthetic hair wigs will still fool the eye and you might want to keep one around for more casual occasions like a trip to the beach.


  • Human hair wigs are soft and sensual. Some human hair wigs have such a natural look, no one will know it isn’t your own. Like people, human hair wigs are high-maintenance and can be costly, but treat them well and they will last. You can shape them any way you want, and they can even be restyled and recut by a professional.

Choosing the look that chooses you
Many find grey hair attractive. Grey hair symbolizes maturity and wisdom. Furthermore, grey wigs are on trend. Many shades exist from shiny silvers to more subtle, darker tones, and there’s only one way to know which will suit you best, try them on! If you don’t fancy grey, you’ll find many brown tones as well that are soft and sophisticated.

Taking care of your wig
Just like real hair, wigs they need to be loved, cared for and they require plenty of attention. Sun decolours wigs, so be sure to use leave-in conditioners (for wigs) to protect them. You won’t want a buildup of sweat chocking up the hairs on your wig, so regular washing is necessary. One wash for every 4-5 wears is recommended. Dry your wig on a wig stand, dry somewhere cool and let nature do all the work. Human hair wigs take up to 24 hours to dry, so it’s worth having more than one.

Wigs offer many options for many needs. Time, budget, colours and cuts will all factor into your decision. Be informed and have fun – you’ll be sure to feel great with your new style. It’s all about confidence!

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