Aesthetic Upgrades That Actually Improve Your Home’s Value

When we’re restyling or renovating the home, it’s not often that we’re thinking about it one dimensionally. The home is so important, we have to think about not just whether or not we love the look, but it functionally works as a living space and, often most importantly, how it affects the value of the home. Here, we’re going to look at projects that can tick all three boxes.

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New kitchen and bathroom

The hearts of the home, the nexus where everyone living in the house needs to be at one point or another, and the most practical rooms in any property. It’s no surprise that the bathroom and kitchen are considered the fundamental rooms when it comes to judging the marketability of a home. Changing a sink, switching out the surfaces, and reformatting either of these rooms can have a significant impact on the value of the home, too, more than any other room.

A tidy garden

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal. From repainting the door to adding cladding to the exterior to giving some outdoor lighting, giving the home a more attractive face is always good for a value boost. However, the most valuable step of all might just be ensuring that the greenery of the garden is neat, tidy, and attractive. Ensuring regular tree maintenance with the help of teams like is always recommended. Otherwise, you may want to consider looking into landscaping options for your space. Keeping on top of your regular garden maintenance will do just fine if you’re willing to set aside the budget for more major projects, too.

Converting unused space

You will likely agree that adding space to a home is much more than just an aesthetic upgrade. However, it is undeniable that major renovations like basement conversions from teams such as do a lot more than add just space. That’s enough to add to the home value alone, but they also improve the look of some of the most often ugly spots in the home. A nice, cozy, underground home cinema or games room will look a lot better than a dank and dark basement, after all.

What about water features?

With this one, your mileage may vary. Yes, a swimming pool might seem like a no-brainer and it definitely looks deluxe. However, they have been shown to be good at adding value only in high-end neighborhoods and nowhere else. A new water feature from teams like might be a good idea the value in your area is rising, it’s developing, and attracting more and more people. Otherwise, the cost and the effort of maintaining water features can actually make them something of a turn off. Smaller water features like simple fountains and bird feeders aren’t quite as divisive, however.

If you’re considering investing in an upgrade to the home, then the above ideas are investments that can end up paying you right back. Naturally, it largely depends on the kind of neighborhood you’re in as well, so make sure you’re choosing renovations that are a good fit.

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