Advanced Intelligence Services Corporation is a Fast-Growing U.S. Biotech Firm

Advanced Intelligence Services Corporation (AIS) is one of America’s fastest growing biotechnology firms, specializing in metabolic, biological, and artificial intelligence physics research and development exclusively for defense organizations throughout the United States Government. AIS recently completed a fifteen-year study of nanophysics, biophysics, and astrophysics to complete a revised definition of non-linear physics, giving scientists a fresh perspective on the outermost parameters of our Universe.

Jim D. Ray., Jr., Advanced Intelligence Services Corporation’s Founder and C.E.O., is the leading authority on metabolic physics and the author of Physia: The New Commonwealth of Knowledge Specific to Non- Linear Physics.

How did you come up with the idea for your business/product?

Jim Ray: Advanced Intelligence Services came to me as a strategy for updating the information technology infrastructure of the physics research industry. When I started researching the foundation of AIS, I was pleased with the opportunities the field of physics offered, however I just wasn’t satisfied with the rate of progress at which certain arteries of technology were being developed. This is an important time in history for America to maximize, to shine without reservation, and I wanted to know more about our nation’s challenges at the smallest level of occurrence.

What is your mission?

Jim Ray: The mission of Advanced Intelligence Services Corporation is to maximize the safety and security interests of the United States of America, it’s people, and whenever possible, it’s global partners, long-term. Our mission is specific, and certain in effort. We are making strides of progress in defining a more durable standard of national security for future generations.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Jim Ray: The progress of metabolic multi-circa relay is a true accomplishment. We overcame many hurdles I couldn’t have possible foreseen prior to participating in the achievement of this technological milestone, however it is imperative that we recognize the value of meta, refine it, and move forward into the future with that experience-based knowledge.

What’s your best advice for other tech entrepreneurs who are starting a business?

Jim Ray: Never give up. Trial-and-error can really disappoint a budding scientist, entrepreneur, or inventor, however failing is 100% a part of the inclusive process. Ask for help from experienced mentors, and remember that you are never alone in the effort to achieve your greatest goals.

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