Actress Sarah Louise Collidge –  Malibu Crush

With feature film Malibu Crush currently in post-production we had the pleasure of speaking to talented Aussie actress, Sarah Louise Collidge, who plays the role of Rach Taylor in the upcoming comedy.

You just wrapped filming on Malibu Crush, what were your favourite moments Onset?

I had such a great experience on the set of Malibu Crush. I think to be able to work professionally during Covid-19, was something to celebrate in itself. As well as working with a really dedicated crew and production team, with the wonderful James Pratt at the helm directing. Last but not least, I’d have to say, working with Billy White, who plays Duey in the film. Comedically, Billy’s timing is perfect and he is such a great actor. With many Jack Black style traits, you’re going to love him in this film. 

Q2 Do you have much in common with Rach Taylor?

Yes. I think we both share that “Happy-go-Lucky” approach to life. I also, resonate with the pacifist in her. 

Q3 Where did you film most of your scenes?

Mostly around Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. We really are so blessed in Sydney and Australia more generally, to have such a broad choice of shooting locations. The ocean is something I’m naturally drawn to, so I loved being by the beach and close to the water. 

Q4 What sort of preparation did you do as an actor to get into character?

I’m regularly in classes and training for my acting skills. I train with Ben Mathews in Sydney, as well as NY acting coach Welker White and am a regular with Stagemilk acting an online actors hub. All three of these things combined keep me sharp and inspired.  

Q5 Can you share some advice to actors about the difference working on feature films over Television.

I would say for me personally I feel even though time is a huge huge factor in both and usually something that you’re always chasing. In film, I feel you do get the luxury of a little more time, and working with the same people for an extended period is really special. TV, I feel sometimes you can just be in and out, sometimes even in just one day, so I really relished in having time on set and getting to know all the cast and crew. 

Q6 What are your plans for 2021? 

I’m organising to move to Canada hopefully this year to further pursue my career. I’m hoping to do some more travel throughout Australia before I depart. Further to that I bought myself an acoustic guitar recently – Suffice to say that is keeping me very busy and entertained 🙂 

Q7 What’s on your Netflix watch list?


  • The Queen’s Gambit
  • Chef’s Table
  • Lupin
  • Pieces of Woman

Sarah is represented by PLAY Management in Vancouver BC, and MCSM in Sydney Australia.



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