According To New Study E-Cigs ‘Substantially Improve’ Health


It seems the effort of U.S. regulators to ban your license to vape will turn into a futile exercise. According to studies conducted by researchers from the United Kingdom, switching from cigarettes to vaping has proven to improve health substantially.

According to Tony Abboud: “One of the biggest findings of the study was if people switched to vaping products from tobacco cigarettes, their general health is substantially improved.” He further added: “Vapor products or e-cigarettes are 95% safer than combustible cigarettes. This is factually based science.”

Abboud is the executive director of the Vapor Technology Association. The study was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine and performed by researchers from the University College of London, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and the Center for Disease Control.

Disparity In Findings.


The findings were conclusive and in stark contrast to the previous claims of the surgeon general and the CDC itself that claims vaping, or the use of e-cigarettes is harmful to your health and will further encourage addiction to tobacco products.

It is important to note that the use and distribution of e-cigarette products are endorsed in the United Kingdom and regarded as a safer and healthier alternative to smoking. The Brits have a different mindset when it comes to the sale and consumption of e-cigarette products and is the reason why the government is promoting the habit of vaping. Sadly, the same can’t be said for the United States.

The CDC was one of the first to voice their opinions on the dangers of vaping. In fact, the CDC published a report that warned vapers on the potential risks and side-effects of inhaling the vapor of e-cigarette products.

Restrictions On Vaping Products In USA.


Before the UK study on the health benefits of vaping, local authorities in the USA were too busy implementing stiff regulations on the sale and distribution of e-cigarette products. How rigid? Vaping products were treated in the same manner as tobacco products. In some US states, the taxes imposed on e-cigarettes and accessories were as high as 40%.

However, despite this fact, the Royal College of Physicians in the UK agreed that switching to e-cigarettes is enough to eradicate the early damage caused by many years of smoking traditional cigarettes. They highly recommend vaping as a safer and healthier alternative to tobacco and is ideal for people trying to quit smoking.

In a separate study by Public Health England in 2016, almost all of the 2.3-million vapers in the United Kingdom are former smokers or are trying to quit smoking altogether.

Hope For The Future.

These UK studies should be enough for the US FDA to reconsider their May 2017 rule enforcing e-cigarette vendors to submit a tobacco application to sell e-cigarettes and related products legally. The vendors have until the 8th of August in 2018 to finalize their applications, but this rule will have an opposite effect to vendors as the application costs will reportedly reach approximately $100,000 to as high as $400,000.

All hope is not lost. With these recent scientific findings on the favorable health effects of vaping, it is inevitable the CDC, and the FDA will follow suit with a more workable set of regulations that will benefit sellers and vapers in general.

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