ABOTANIQ Vitamin C Serum

vitamin c serum

Skin care products are used by most of us and we all are habitual of these for each and every event in order to shine the skin with those remarkable ingredients. Numerous products are out in the market and one should be quite aware of the correct brand suitable for your skin type.

Vitamins and mineral are the most important and essential elements of the skin which should be indulge in our food intake and diet plans. But still most of us can’t get appropriate amount of this nutrition’s to boost the glow of skin which is impossible without the required mineral and vitamin. Many of the vitamin based serum does not provide extortionate result  and leaves out only a waste of the thousands of bulks by the ladies craving for the natural beauty.

serum, vitamin c serum


ABOTANIQ (http://abotaniq.com/) delivers a wide range of beauty products with thousands of gratified customers. The most amazing result can be brought to your skin with the vitamin C serum of ABOTANIQ http://abotaniq.com/product/vitamin-c-serum/. The serum is quit promising in providing endless outcome of a flawless and brighten skin as with much affordable price. Coming to the door with quick delivery services the serum started its miracle with in 2 to 3 days of its usage. I totally forgot about that dark wrinkles lines which was once necessary a part of my face. The second most optimistic point for convincing you to grab it as soon as possible is that it is ideal for all skin type with it good amount of volume which will definitely make you last for at least two months.

The vitamin C based serum contain anti-oxidants which is  excellent for closing the opening pores causing irritating black head and journey towards a glamorous skin will be within a week.

Few drops daily leaves magic to your skin by reducing wrinkle and reviving the lost beauty. The radiance and sparkle provided by the vitamin C serum is ultimately asked by numerous people. Not only it delivers the lost glam of your face but also protects it from the harsh rays of sun and safeguard the skin by the environmental damages.

The serum is easy to use and showed me rapid result with such few miracle drops. Once you massage the serum on a cleansed face and neck until it is nicely absorbed. The results will be observed within the use of only three days. It also contains vitamin E magic which is providing protection against anti-oxidants. The freshness is completely a new experience once you apply the serums as its white tea extract gently soothes skin. The biloba extracts helps in improvising the blood circulation and provides a flawless result.

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