A Sunnier Future 6 Reasons to Move to Florida


Are you looking to move to a brand-new city or state? Florida could be the perfect place for you to call home, especially if you love warm, sunny weather and a wealth of beaches. However, if you are unsure whether it’s the right destination for you, check out the six reasons to move to Florida below.

  1. Fantastic Weather

There is a reason Florida is called the Sunshine State, as it offers almost constant sunshine 12 months of the year, with temperatures reaching an average of 75 degrees. It’s no wonder people from across the US and the world choose to live and retire in the popular state, as every day will feel like summer.

  1. Great Employment Opportunities

Florida offers one of the lowest unemployment rates in America, and there are multiple job opportunities in various industries, such as international trade, construction, life sciences, recreation, and healthcare research. One city offering superb employment opportunities for young professionals is Tampa, so it’s the perfect place when looking for an exciting career in a flourishing state. Make the move by learning more about the hottest Tampa neighborhoods for young professionals.

  1. Endless Beaches

Would you like to spend your spare time relaxing on a stunning beach? Florida will be your dream home, as the state provides hundreds of miles of beaches. People across the world travel to experience Florida’s greatest beaches, and you could live right by them. For example, you can walk the sandy shores of Tampa’s Clearwater Beach, or you can take in the beauty of the mainland Florida coast at Key West.

  1. Outdoor Activities

As mentioned, Florida offers plenty of opportunities to work hard, but it also allows you to play much harder, too. That’s because you can enjoy countless outdoor activities all year long, such as hiking, cycling, climbing, and bird-watching. You can also fish off a pier, or go on safari through the Everglades to experience the state’s diverse landscape, which is full of wildlife, jungles, swamps, forests, and more.

  1. World Class Entertainment

You’ll never be bored again when you move to Florida, as it is home to world class attractions. For example, you can visit Tampa’s Busch Gardens or Orlando’s Universal Studios or Disney World. Florida is also packed with excellent amusement parks that offer rides and games for all ages. There is something for everyone in the Sunshine State, as most of its best attractions are all within one day’s drive.

  1. Excellent Cuisine

Florida’s multicultural society provides the state with a melting pot of cuisines and flavors. Regularly enjoy scrumptious dishes inspired from cultures across the world, such as Latin America, Europe, Asia, and, of course, America. Florida is also well-known for its healthy, delicious food, which are inspired by cuisines from Spain, Cuba, Colombia, the Bahamas and more. So, whether you live in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, or Jacksonville, you’ll never be stuck for dishes that will linger on your tongue.

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