A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Biography of a Famous Person

writing a biography

Writing a biography of someone famous is an intimidating task. After all, how can you capture the essence and accomplishments of an entire life in one book? Whether you’re writing a biography for school or as part of your job, taking the time to get the details right is essential. It’s also important to keep your audience in mind; make sure you’re writing with their interests and that the language you use is accessible to them. The key is to divide it into manageable steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you write an inspiring biography of a famous person.

Step 1: Choose Your Subject

Before you begin your research, decide who you want to focus your biography on. Choosing someone whose life story is interesting enough for readers to want to learn more about them is essential. Consider researching news articles, books, and other biographies to find the best subject for your biography.

Step 2: Researching Your Subject

Once you have chosen your subject, the next step is research! You must have as much information as possible before you begin writing. Researching includes gathering primary and secondary sources, including interviews and other personal accounts from the subject or people who knew them, photographs, newspaper articles, books about the person, etc. All this information will help you create an accurate and detailed account of their life. If you want to improve your creative writing skills you can try SKillshare for online courses. 

Step 3: Organizing Your Research

Once you have gathered all your research material, it’s time to organize it into a logical order. To do this, start by outlining the main points that need to be covered in your biography. This could include birth date and place, early life events, significant milestones or accomplishments, relationships with family and friends, etc. Once you have identified these main points, start to fill in details around them using your research material.


writing a biography

Step 4: Writing Your Biography

Now that you’ve collected and organized your material, it’s time to write! Start by introducing your subject – name, birthdate/place, etc., then move on to chronologically telling their story. Ensure that every detail included is relevant and trustworthy; only have anecdotes or stories told by reliable sources (for instance, if it’s being told by someone present at an event). As well as providing factual information about your subject’s life events, ensure that you also include what kind of impact they had on society and how they changed the world for future generations.


Writing a successful biography takes dedication and hard work; however, with proper research and organization, it is possible to tell a real story about any famous person’s life. Remembering these steps—choosing your subject, researching thoroughly, creating an outline, and writing—will help ensure that every detail included in your work is both factually correct and engaging enough for readers to come away feeling as though they just read something extraordinary about someone exceptional. With these steps in mind, anyone can write a successful biography for any famous person!

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