A Step-By-Step Guide On Making a Game Design Document

Having an idea is one thing. Creating it materializes is another. The gaming industry is no different. No doubt many game developers, whether new or experts, look forward to building the games almost immediately. However, a lot is involved. You have to create a game design document. Let us find out about this document and the steps you can follow to create one.

What is a Game Design Document?

 A game design document (GDD) is an elaborate document created by game owners to provide detailed information about the game to the team of developers. Moreover, it can involve the game owner’s visions on the game too.  should not give clues on how the game is to be played, or some of its sections. additionally, the document can be changed and updated as the game grows and changes. Developing a game is an investment and project worth taking keen attention to. The developers depend on the information provide to make it easier to collaborate with different experts and experts involved. Therefore, a game owner or developer needs to come up with a quality document. Remember, when this document is well designed, it helps all parties involved get the right features, information, and different aspects of the game. So, what are the steps to come up with a game design document? Let us find out.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Making a Game Design Document

If you want to create a unique and original game, it means you will come up with unique ideas too. the document also varies from the other due to different themes, characters, and concepts in the game. However, the following is a guide with elements that cut across creating any game design document.

  1. Choose a name

You have the ideas set, but do you make the content catchy? A well-chosen name could be just the answer you need. Choose a name that suits and reflects what is in the game. You can do well-making t as fun as possible. After all, we want the entertainment part of the game too. importantly, if you select a very attractive name for your game, you make the marketing process way easier. Besides, it will help you catch the attention of many players when the game will be launched. However, you might have so many options in mind, and selecting the best one can be tricky. Just have the best options then you can opt for the final preference later on.

  1. An overview of the main concepts

The beginning of your document should contain the major concepts of the game. This will also be an overview of the contents. It may include;

  • The summary of the game. The length of this can be one or two paragraphs.
  • A short, precise, and clear description of the setting of the game. You can include the theme too.
  • Shorthand points introduce the main features of the game.
  • Visual aids and images. They
  1. Describe the game

In this next step, you will be required to give detailed information about the game. You can introduce your game and how it flows. Furthermore, you can include a diagram to illustrate and describe how the features. Also, you will include demonstrations on how players are to interact with it. You can choose a suitable way to present your ideas. Remember, your game description should give a reader an idea of what it’s all about.

  1. The elements of the game

In this section, you should explain the main features of the game in a detailed manner. Plus, you can include the modes of the game as well as how monetization is done. Remember, this section is flexible and can be changed frequently. As we had seen, the game changes and the game design can also change. Moreover, if your game has characters, you can include them at this step. What’s more, give out the main character of the game. Ensure it is something that your audience can easily relate to. Plus, you can build your character of choice out of your imagination and vision.

  1. The story

Some games have the aspect of storytelling to help get some sympathy from your players. Additionally, it is during this process that the audience feels that they have been included in the game. However, not all games have the process of storytelling. Therefore, only include the step if your game idea has a storyline. If there’s a story, you can talk about it after introducing the characters. The vents and environments surrounding the game should be included. Importantly, keeping the theme and progression of the story in mind can help you write about the story. 

  1. Gameplay

This section talks about your entire gameplay and how it will be. You can include the goal of your game, telling the reason why players should play your game. Additionally, you can talk about the skills needed by your players. Such skills will help them play your game. The mechanics of the game, the levels of the game, and the challenges in it. You can mention what a player needs to do to unlock the next level. moreover, you can finalize this section by mentioning the end of your game, how a player loses.

  1. Extra features

To make the gaming experience more enjoyable, you can include the following in your game design document;

  • Quality graphics- talk of how the game will look like.
  • Music and sounds- you can talk of the music as well as the sound effects that make the gaming experience better.

When you are done with these features, you can include the various platforms where the game will be launched. Moreover, you can opt to talk about the funding of your game. Again, you can include the marketing strategies or not.


Coming up with a game idea is thrilling. However, a lot is involved in its development. Game owners need to create a game design document to give detailed information about the game. The article has talked about the steps you can create to come up with one. Some of the steps can be skipped depending on the game.

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