A New Swimsuit For The Holidays Means A Happy New You


Swimsuits are hitting North American runways this holiday season, featuring the hottest newest trends and styles from an array of designers who are spicing up the forecast for the forthcoming year of fashion. If you are a plus-size lady, you need not worry about being excluded from these exclusive selections, as there are finally designers and online retailers emerging who are keeping your best interests (and your body type) in mind. Body positive activist, model, and designer Ashley Graham has proven to the world that a healthy body has nothing to do with how small a size you can fit yourself into. Where there are models spurning the “plus size” movement, you also have Tess Holliday standing by your side; the blogger-turned-model who founded the social media movement known as #EffYourBeautyStandards, emphasizing that there is no need to use euphemistic terms such as “curvy” when referring to her body.

Let 2017 be a year you dive into without apology; choose from designer labels, a variety of colours, shapes, patterns and styles – without settling when picking out your perfect look.Online retailers are now offering plus size bikinis, tankinis, cover ups, one pieces, and swim dresses ranging from sizes 8-34; perfect for plus-size body types. One retailer, swimsuitsforall, offers all of these and even helps you find your special fit with a handy style and size guide. What’s more is that they carry versatile collections – such as their gym to swim collection offering styles that are suitable both for sitting at the beach, or jogging along the shore. Plus, for limited time only, you may enter your e-mail address for a chance to win $100 off any swimsuit of your choice – ideal for that last-minute winter getaway.

When choosing a bathing suit, it’s important to know what styles will accentuate the parts of your body that you want to show off, while tucking away spots you’d rather distract from. High waisted bottoms for example will provide a slimming effect, or to conceal thighs – consider a swim dress. Relaxed fitted tops such as the blouson provide optimum coverage while concealing the belly, and offering a flattering alternative to a one-piece.

However, Cheshire now explains that recently, the plus-size industry has been moving from the point of covering to revealing – if revealing is more your style, swimwear from swimsuitsforall features low-waisted bikinis as well that still support you in the right places and give you confidence to wear one without hesitation. Moreover, there are swimsuits that will reveal your midriff or side body strategically, to leave a little more to the imagination.

Ultimately, everybody has a swimsuit body – regardless of size. Where you might fall on the spectrum should not stop you from experiencing the in-season trends; know that there are many styles out there for you. Abandon the mall in favour of a more flexible shopping experience online, catered individually to your body type. Make the experience your own and let it be known that nothing can pigeonhole you into wearing something you don’t feel fabulous in ever again.

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