A Meme To Remember: Cement Your Online Legacy With The Perfect Meme Made From Scratch


The perfect meme is a wide-open concept.

Great graphics with a great caption are the first things that spring to mind. The perfect meme can funny, satirical, witty, sarcastic, or topical. The perfect meme is like a visual earworm, except it’s super-positive.

Above all though, the perfect meme has to be totally shareable, with the potential to go viral.

It’s cool that you can post a meme on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Snapchat. And then share it. And watch it spread out its tentacles to Pinterest or Facebook — or anywhere, really.

But how do you get the likes and favorites and shares and retweets and follows that you crave?

You’ve got ideas, right? You’ve got ideas coming at you all the time. So, how do you create good memes at get the kudos to become a meme-making legend?

Let’s break it down and then build it up, shall we?

The Perfect Meme Made Easy

A whistle-stop tour of the basics:

  1. Know what’s trending. Check on the memes that have already gone viral. Know Your Memes is a website that keeps track of all memes out there and they’ve got a handy Categories page that’s worth looking at. It’s best to choose a topic that you can relate to.
  2. Decide whether you want to use a photo or a video.
  3. Create your content. Once you’ve decided on the image(s) your using, your own or something you’ve found online, think of a snappy caption. Keep it short — make it easy to remember.
  4. Make sure your visual matches the caption. And make sure the caption says what you want it to say and that it says something original.
  5. Use a meme generator tool or an image editor, and get creating! Remember to save your memes. Storing them in organized folders in a private cloud for rapid future access is a good option to look into.
  6. Post to your pages and away you go! Curate your stuff from the get-go with hashtags and categories. This way, it’s more searchable and easier for you and others to find later.
  7. Unless it’s definitely your thing, you could try to avoid making dank memes. Chances of them going viral are not that good.

Keep Your Eye On Innovative Apps

We’re guessing you’ve noticed there’s a bigger choice of design aids, image filters, and striking fonts online than ever before.

Bringing the best out in your meme has just got even easier. Adobe Spark’s memes generator has put a whole new slant on the memes game. Registration is easy and usage of the basic version is free. Yeah, that’s a beautiful word, free.

You can browse for hours, or start crafting your memes right away. There’s an impressive choice of editable templates, easy navigation, and a cool Your Projects folder already set up for you. You can upload your own images too — perfect!

Make Your Mark

Develop your style, refine your profile, make your brand worthwhile. Chances are that the stuff you post online today will still be out there today long after you’re gone. What better way to cement your online legacy by making the perfect meme from scratch?

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