A Korean company that presented a new fashion direction

In general, design is put first in the fashion industry. This is because design is the value of a brand and the source of revenue.

I’d like to introduce an innovative shoe design from a Korean fashion company, Lakai Korea.

This product, with its prominent and vivid colors, symbolizes the Korean flag. If you have ever seen a Korean flag, Taegeukgi, you can recognize it at once. As shown in the photo, a version with a Taegeukgi printed has been released as a limited edition.

Using a national flag on shoes is rare, but looking at the company’s history, it is not unusual.

Surprisingly, what they put up before the shoe image on the product description page is a description of history. They mention a case from the past wherein thousands of people were brutally victimized by Japanese Unit 731.

I was puzzled by the fact that there was a historical atrocity being described instead of a product description, but in the end, I was able to fully understand their intentions.

The historical facts before the product description helped me naturally understand why they put Taegeukgi on their shoes. I was able to feel their will to share history.

Lakai Korea’s strategy of promoting history through products and products through history is definitely unprecedented. However, it has certainly given a new direction to the fashion industry.

Every company has its unique power. I hope that there will be more cases of fashion companies that include messages in their designs like this in the future.

Lakai Korea products can be purchased from the address below.




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