A Guide To Choosing The Perfect LBD For Your Shape

If you are prepping for the sweet 16 party and have decided to go for it with a LBD, more power to you! As we are all unique in our make-up, you do need to be sure that your chosen number fits in all the right places and we had a chat with a well-known designer about choosing a sexy little black dress. Here are a few pointers.

LBD, little black dress

It’s All In The Measurement

When choosing a dress size, your vital statistics need to be spot on; it is always best to go up one size, rather than down. Ask mom to help measure up or you could book a session with a local seamstress, who can measure you accurately. Messing up this stage could lead to a dress that simply won’t fit and that’s the last thing you want. You should follow the designer dress boutiques measuring instructions, as this will ensure you get it right and they have a live chat feature if you have any questions. If, for example, you need express delivery, one of the staff will see to it that you have your dress in time.

Be Realistic

If you have an hourglass figure and great legs, then the shorter, the better. However, we are not all blessed with the perfect shape and cute black prom dresses look best on small girls. Of course, you have carte blanche with length and let’s not forget there might be a theme for the party. Simply put, when you look in a full-length mirror, you must like what you see.

Go For A Designer Dress

Any social event is worth pushing the boat out and it won’t be the only time you wear this number. If you’re thinking thousands of dollars, relax; the online designer dress boutique has many dresses and gowns at very affordable prices. Of course, if you went to a trendy boutique in town, you would expect to pay 4 figures for a genuine Jovani number, but not so with the online boutique, as they have no plush retail outlet to upkeep and manage.

Going Long

Why not go long with a split up the side? This is the ideal style for the tall girl; search online for designer dresses and browse through the many stunning images. Let’s face it, we don’t all have perfect pins and if you are critical of any aspect of your lower half, stick to a long gown and you won’t regret it.

Make sure you raid mom’s jewellery box (with permission) and check out her sterling silver jewellery, which is a must with a sexy LBD. Let’s not forget the aim of the game, to enjoy yourself and if you’re happy with your look, you will have a great night and take some amazing shots for your Instagram.

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