A Guide to Buying an Anniversary Ring for Your Wife

anniversary ring

It’s been an amazing journey and as you both celebrate yet another anniversary, you have decided to buy her a special anniversary gift in the form of a ring. There are a few questions that need to be answered prior to acquiring the ring, such as which finger the anniversary ring is intended for and what kind of lifestyle does the recipient lead? If the recipient leads an active lifestyle, durability is something to consider, along with her style of jewellery, and with that in mind, here are some important aspects to consider when sourcing diamond anniversary rings.

Determine Your Budget

In order to narrow your search down somewhat, calculate how much you are prepared to invest in the anniversary gift. Once you’ve done that, you can begin to browse rings that are within your budget range, and you could have a special piece created with an edge of design originality by a jeweller that specialises in anniversary ring design. There’s no better reason than designing your very own ring than an anniversary and she will appreciate the fact that you went to so much trouble to give her the perfect gift.

The Bands

A popular choice for an anniversary ring, the diamond band contains numerous tiny stones and the setting is one of durability, making it ideal for the active woman. It can be worn on the wedding ring finger and would go well with a diamond wedding ring. Diamond bands do not have raised stones and rather than clasps, they are inset into the band, making for a durable ring that will stand the test of time. The diamond band will complement her other jewellery and whether she prefers gold or platinum is something only you would know.


These sparkling stones are favourites with all women and perhaps a three stone ring would make the ideal anniversary gift. The three stones symbolise the past, present and future, which is something your relationship has transgressed, and you can find some great examples at https://www.certifieddiamondnetwork.com.au/, who are one of the leading diamond merchants in Australia.

Remember Your Goal

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The aim is not to buy the brightest and most expensive diamond ring, rather it is to make your wife feel special, so take into account her jewellery preferences. You know her well enough to be able to decide on a ring design that she will like, and by browsing an online jewellery website, you can view literally thousands of rings that might fit the bill. Once you have found the ideal piece, a secure online payment sees the item shipped to your home address, and make sure you allow enough time for this. There are informative guides to choosing an anniversary ring for your partner available online, which might give you some inspiration.

Once you have sourced the gift, think about how you will present the ring – it might be during a special anniversary dinner, or at a surprise party – which will add to the occasion and whenever she looks at the ring, she will know how much you care.

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