A Guide to Become a Successful Freelance Artist

freelance artist

If you want to become a freelance artist, you might have probably thought a lot about it. Of course, it is impossible to decide immediately about changing or switching to a career that requires patience and commitment from you. You could either be tired of working in a restricted job or want to grow your skills from your talent and passion. Whatever be the reason, working as a freelance artist will indeed make your future both exciting and challenging.

To help you succeed in this journey, we have come up with some essential points which will guide you throughout the process. Make sure you follow these points if you want to become a successful freelance artist.

Be Ready:

You have to be ready to handle the most difficult situations when you start your career as a freelance artist. That is because you cannot expect clients lined up waiting to hire you for their high-paying projects. Your starting months will go in searching for the clients, which means there will be no source of income for a longer period or until you find the client.

Before you leave everything to start your freelancing career, make sure you have enough savings and get a safety net established to keep you supporting during this period. You must consider saving money that you can rely on to pay your living expenses. Moreover, if you stay worried continuously about the money, you will have a hard time to focus on marketing your skills and finding new clients. Hence, be ready to face such situations and create a solid foundation while you start this career.

Plan a schedule:

In freelancing, you are not bound by any boss because here, you are your own boss. So there will be problems in maintaining a specific work schedule in the beginning. But you can plan your goals and set a schedule to keep track of all the work and avoid procrastinating later. You can decide your work time and plan the tasks such as finding new clients, updating your profile, completing pending tasks, delivering the completed projects, etc.

Many freelancers feel comfortable to work early in the morning, while some prefer to work late at night. There’s no issue in choosing to work whenever you want but make sure you are available when the clients want to call you because they will work with a strict work schedule and would expect you to be present at a specific time.

Avoid distractions while working:

When you work from the comfort of your home, it is quite obvious that you will be lenient in your work. In order to keep on schedule and stay productive, you must eliminate anything that causes distractions in your work. Whether it is taking the phone for scrolling through your social accounts or playing games, you must keep certain limits for such things and avoid getting distracted.

When you work in a studio, you are surrounded by teammates and a productive work environment, which keeps you committed to the work. But when you work from any remote location or your home, all such things are not present and that hampers your work. Thus, make sure you avoid distractions while working on projects regardless of their complexity and importance.

Always maintain a professional attitude:

freelance artist

Clients will feel satisfied only when you deliver them the work with utmost perfection and professionalism. They will rest assured that their project is in the right hands and will be up to the mark. For that, you have to maintain a professional attitude throughout the project, whether it is through video chat, email, phone calls, etc. Sometimes, the client may become difficult to work with, but it is still essential for you to handle every situation in a professional manner.

This attitude creates a lasting impression on the clients and makes them believe in your work. You can even add some enhancements from your side, if possible, to make the artwork even more impressive. It would help the client to trust in your skills and increase your chances of getting hired by them again in the future.

Always keep searching for work:

As a freelance artist, you will be seriously involved in completing your work and delivering the best you can. But in the meantime, you shouldn’t forget to find new clients because if you don’t, you will have to spend some time without any income. If you want to gain a great experience, then you can find opportunities for freelance art jobs at Dormzi. So make sure you dedicate a particular time slot every day to find new clients and keep the work ready when you are done with the current one.


Although freelance artists face a lot of competition and challenges in this field, they become successful by being consistent and committed towards their work. Thus, you can follow these tips and work professionally in delivering the best of your skills and creativity.

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