A Guide to Antique Jewellery Care

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Your antique jewellery collection might be a family heirloom that is passed on by you, or your partner’s family, and aside from the financial value, the items would also hold a high degree of sentimental value. Taking good care of antique jewellery is not difficult, providing you are careful, and for those who are unsure of exactly what that involves, here is a useful guide to keeping your treasured items in good condition.

Correct Storage

Antique jewellery should be kept apart from other items, and the ideal set up would be a padded jewellery box, and delicate pieces can be individually wrapped in velvet, or another soft material. If you would like to browse a wide selection of antique jewellery online, there are many fine examples of antique rings and watches available from a leading online supplier. Excess humidity is something to be avoided, along with extreme cold, so make sure your storage box is suitable, and of course, it should have a suitable lock.

Avoid Wearing When Exercising

It is not wise to wear any jewellery when playing sports for safety reasons, but with antique items, the salt in your sweat can damage delicate metals. Rings can be damaged by heavy hand use, and any necklace could easily be broken while taking part in sport or strenuous exercise. If you would like more detailed information on good practices, there are DIY articles on effective cleaning of antique jewellery, which is always important.

Be Careful of Harmful Chemicals

If you clean your oven or swimming pool, make sure you are not wearing any jewellery, as harmful chemicals contained in the cleaning solution can affect the items. Any activity that involves chemicals should be done without wearing any jewellery, either modern or antique, and even a bit of gardening might be too much.

Wear it with Care

Of course, one wants to wear fine jewellery, but we must always remember that antique items are not as durable as their modern counterparts, and a stone could easily work itself loose. When you do wear antique jewellery, it is always a good idea to thoroughly inspect each piece before to store it after use, and should you notice anything amiss, take the piece to a professional repair centre. It certainly is not wise to wear special items on a daily basis, as this can rapidly lead to problems, especially if you lead an active lifestyle.

Antique jewellery can be very delicate and when you consider its age, it makes sense to do what you can to preserve and protect these valuable items. Hopefully, the above information will ensure that your family heirlooms remain in good condition and can be passed down to your children and their children.

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