A Guide To Achieving Gender Diversity

Interview Team

It is possible for unconscious biases to happen when interviewing people who have just left school or are newly graduated. So, in order to prevent this, a good idea is to have a team of interviewers as opposed to only one person. This will ensure that there are many different views to improve diversity.

There should also be a list of set questions that every potential candidate will be asked. By asking the same questions it will be easier to reduce gender bias and your team can then use the answers to determine who is the best person to hire. You should make sure that your team of interviewers are diverse so that you can have many different views on the candidates and ensure that everyone has their say on why certain candidates may or may not be suitable for the job.

The interviews should include both formal questions as well as open days. By having a multi-layered approach, it will help your current employees meet potential candidates via tours and even lunches. When your potential candidates realize that your company cares about having gender diversity, this can help them to feel more welcomed and accepted at your company. This will even improve their confidence while being interviewed in formal conditions.

Flexible Hours

There are some types of industries that are much better suited to implementing flexible work hours as opposed to others. However, by trying your best to implement flexible work hours, this will go a long way in improving retention of your current staff as well as successful recruitment.

Additionally, flexible working hours also positively attracts potential female candidates due to the fact that they can easily juggle working along with starting a family if they so desire. They don’t have to worry about putting their job on hold since they can still progress in their career and even get leadership roles in time. Additionally, flexible work hours is also attractive to young men since they would also be able to spend more time with their family.

Openness With Regards To Pay

It is important that companies are as clear as possible on salaries, so that they can address the gender pay gap. By promoting transparency and fairness in payment, this will go a long way in increasing gender diversity in your company. Read more about the gender pay gap in this article from Swisslinx.

There are some companies that implement a tiered salary. Basically, salaries increase in tiers according to the type of role, responsibility undertaken as well as experience. So, it doesn’t matter what gender a staff member is, payment would be the same for both male and female staff who have the same role, responsibility and experience. Once all of the staff is aware of this tiered pay scale then it will remove gender inequality and feelings that some staff are being treated better than others.

Pay Attention To Exit Interviews

Once you have staff at your company, there will come a time when a staff member decides to leave their job. So, you should have an exit interview and ask them to be as honest as possible on their reasons for moving on.

As time goes by, you will create a file on reasons why most staff leave. Then, you will be able to see trends and even determine if more women are leaving or if more men are leaving. By studying these trends you can try out various strategies at your company to address these problems to increase how many staff remain at your workplace as well as ensure that your staff are diverse.

You should always strive to create a company culture of gender diversity but also realize that achieving this will take some time. You can’t simply create a gender diversity policy and don’t execute it. Creating gender diversity will need to be constantly worked on.

Remember, doing this is more than just lip service but very commendable. It will not only help you to look good in front of your customers but even help create a wider and more diverse audience. This will in turn result in more diverse customers that will improve your bottom line. Also, when it is time to recruit new staff, you will likely find lots of applications from a very wide range of young persons.

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