A Deeper Understanding of Eco-friendly Fragrances

Eco-friendly Fragrances, Eco-friendly perfumes

Several studies were done to prove that how a person smells gets them noticed. Did you know that perfumes can trigger our natural pheromones? This process helps us allure the opposite sex. However, many cosmetic companies use petrochemicals and other harmful ingredients in producing scents. Also, some people have allergic reactions to certain ingredients in some fragrances.


If you’re one of those people, you’ll be delighted to know that there are Eco-friendly perfumes available so you can still smell good without the discomfort.

Countless chemicals are allowed to be mixed in perfumes, and they don’t need to be included on the perfume label. Often, perfumes are linked to allergies and breathing problems. A conventional cosmetic may contain as much as a hundred different chemicals in a single fragrance. It’s believed that there are about 2,600 different chemicals used in making perfumes.

If you the ingredients are placed at the back of your empty perfume bottles, you can check the components used to come up with your perfume. However, it’s highly unlikely that they included those that can potentially harm a person’s health.

Some of the most used chemicals in perfumes include limonene, camphor, a-terpineol, dimethyl sulfate, styrene oxide, methylene chloride, a-terpinene, Linalool, ethyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, acetone, a-pinene, benzyl acetate, benzaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and ethanol.

Many of these chemicals can cause mental vagueness, irritability, asthma, muscle pains, bloating, sinus problems, joint pains, eye irritation, sore throat, laryngitis, gastrointestinal problems, dizziness, headaches, blood pressure irregularities, swollen lymph nodes, itching and burning of the skin, and coughing.

About 95% of chemicals present in perfumes are artificial components that come from petroleum, a non-renewable resource, which is also a well-known irritant. What makes perfumes harmful is they have unique chemical properties that allow them to penetrate the skin easily.

A study confirms that most perfume ingredients are considered neurotoxins, which means that they have dangerous effects on the entire nervous system, including the brain. More research was performed, and it showed the connection between negative mental, physical, and emotional symptoms and numerous perfume components.

Before, scientists believe that the brain is protected by the blood-brain barrier, which is an impermeable mechanism. However, it was recently discovered that this isn’t entirely true. Recent studies confirm that this protective mechanism allows various toxins, including those in commercial fragrances, access to the human brain.

It doesn’t stop there.

Once these toxins are in the brain, it will probably take more than a decade to get rid of them. In those years, we are exposed to serious damages and other health issues, such as plaque build-up and inflammation. These complications have a chance of progressing to Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

Plus, some perfume elements affect the natural balance of our hormones. If this balance is disrupted, it can cause depression, anxiety, and depression.

The information given above is enough proof that we must start shifting our lifestyles, to help not only Earth but also ourselves. It’s time we change our perfumes to an earth-friendly alternative.

Natural perfumes and colognes are a wise choice for people looking to avoid allergy-triggering and environment-damaging petrochemicals commonly used in synthetic fragrances. Natural scents go directly to their source, which are essential oils derived from plants. Believe it or not, their scents are actually good!

Where are they bought?

If you check out the perfume section in department stores, you’ll see that all perfumes they offer are synthetic and contain chemicals. If you want something natural, you can easily buy them in pharmacies, health food shops, and even in the organics section in grocery stores. The Body Shop also offers scents that were made with thorough methods.

Essential oils allow you to go directly to the sources of your favorite fragrances without the harmful effects of artificial additives. Moreover, essential oils possess aromatherapeutic features that can surely help you go through a rough day!

Another practice that you might want to try is making your own scent. You can easily do it at home for a reasonable price. It’s way cheaper compared to the commercial fragrances. Making your own scent gives you the chance to experiment with different smells, allowing you to come up with a unique one that you will truly adore.


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