A Complete Guide To Skateboarding Safety For Your Children

Skateboarding is no longer a pastime reserved for American teenagers and Bart Simpson wannabes; now, children, teenagers, and even adults of all ages are getting more and more involved in and passionate about all things skateboarding.

Naturally, as a parent, the safety of your child is a priority, so here, for your information, is a complete guide to skateboarding safety for your children.

The Importance Of Wearing A Helmet

It cannot be overstated how important it is for the child to wear a strong, safe, sturdy, and protective helmet whilst they are out playing on their skateboard.

Furthermore, if your child is planning on taking their skateboarding passions and attempting to turn them into a lucrative career, then it is even more important to instill in your child the importance of the best skateboard helmet and other safety gear.

Aside from quality skate helmets UK, it is also crucial to invest in a quality pair of elbow pads and knee pads to ensure ultimate protection when skateboarding.

The Importance Of Understanding The Basic Rules Of Skateboarding

In order to keep your child safe, it is strongly advisable to sit them down and explain to them the supreme importance of knowing, understanding, and practicing the basic rules of skateboarding, which involve:

  • Never skateboard during rain or snow
  • Always obey every single rule at a skate park
  • Only one person on a skateboard at all times
  • Never ride on the road
  • Never skateboard in overly crowded areas

The Importance Of Knowing How To Fall Correctly

Obviously, in an ideal world, your child will return home from skateboarding, having not even tripped over the board, let alone having fallen off the skateboard and subsequently injured themselves.

It is for this reason that, before you let your child loose on their own with their skateboard, it is important to teach them how to fall correctly and as safely as feasibly possible to avoid broken bones.

The fundamental elements of learning how to fall correctly from a skateboard include:

  • Crouching down as you are falling to reduce the distance between your body and the ground
  • Relaxing your body as much as possible during the fall
  • Practicing falling on grass, carpet, or even onto the sofa
  • Landing on their torso or bottom rather than on any protruding limbs
  • Mastering the basics of skateboarding and falling before moving on to more advanced moves and tricks

The Importance of Being Realistic About The Likelihood Of A Professional Career

Obviously, if your child spends their time thoroughly enjoying skateboarding as a way of socializing with their friends and learning and improving at a new pastime, then there is simply no need to have a more serious chat about the possibilities of a professional career in skateboarding.

However, if your child has proclaimed that their life’s ambition is to become a professional skateboarder, then it is important for you to impress upon them that, although such a vocation is entirely viable and possible, it would require discipline like they have never experienced before.

Follow these tips, and you’ll keep your child safe when they’re skateboarding.

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