A Complete Guide to SEO Competition Research 

SEO competition research involves analyzing the SEO efforts of one’s competitors. This competitive analysis plays a significant research tactic in serving one to induce more traffic, less bounce rate, and to rank higher on SERPs. Rather than searching the targeted keywords, links, or content to make, one can research what is working for others already and grasp this intellect to boost a personality’s SEO efforts. There are many effective ways to try and do competitive research on a personality’s SEO. During this article, one will find a definitive and complete guide to SEO competition research.

Spot the SEO Competitors

At first, it is crucial to evaluate the strength of SEO rivals. It simply means the web pages that are competing and occupying a better place in the SERPs. There are mainly two categories of SEO competitors that are domain competitors and topic competitors. Domain competitors are those websites that target the usual and relevant keywords for occupying a higher place in the SERPs. And topic competitors are those web pages that rank for some chosen topics used with a specific group of keywords. You can seek help from any SEO Consultant Perth for more guidance on this topic.

Aim for the Right Keywords

Identifying and targeting the right keywords that are steering traffic to the rivals and that are less competitive are the finest keywords to target. It is unwise to opt for the same keywords used by the competitors as it might not work in every situation. It is vital to check on every keyword judiciously. And also, it is not necessary to just assess the organic keywords; sometimes, managing paid keywords also helps to find relevant and super-converting keywords. To succeed in this task, it is crucial to use robust tools like SEMrush. Focus on rivals with lower general counts ranking effectively for niche keywords. TF-IDF (Term frequency-inverse document frequency analysis is an excellent method for improving the existing content with the right keywords to optimize the web pages for search engines.

Evaluate Competitor’s Content

Leading SEO competitors are the ones who rank in the initial position of the search page of a top-tier search engine by creating content that consists of rich keywords to attract and engage the visitors on the websites. By evaluating the content tactics of these top SEO rivals, one can develop new ideas for the content of the existing web pages, which will help to get higher rankings. Using a competitive evaluation tool to assess the rivals’ on-site SEO will provide a genuine goldmine of new facts to toil with. It is vital to pay attention to what sort of content the competitors are publishing and to which keywords they are focusing on.

Monitor on their Backlink Profiles

There is another leading approach to research the competitor’s pages. It is crucial to figure out exactly where the rivals are receiving the backlinks from and utilizing that knowledge to build first-rate links to boost the website’s rankings. By scrutinizing the backlink profile (the cluster of pages and domains connecting to a website) to a rival that is so far ranking efficiently using the proper keyword, one can gather information about the link building that has assisted them. It is practically impossible to pull the competitive backlink research manually and so it will be helpful to use powerful backlink tools like Link Explorer.


Various tools can be used to enhance SEO competitive research. Getting into the peak of a search engine’s organic search needs quite a lot of research and toil. Along with high-converting keywords and backlink analysis, website surveys, and link building, competitive research plays an essential role in an outstanding SEO drive.


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