A Chat with Andy Jacob; American Business Leader

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Andy Jacob, CEO of the Jacob Group, has a glowing reputation as one of the most innovative business consultants in America. His competence as a financial expert has been leveraged across different verticles.  In addition to being an outstanding entrepreneur and business founder, he has appeared as a guest on numerous television shows where he discussed business and finance. Andy is the pioneer of One Hour Business Consulting and has authored several white papers.

Recently, we had the opportunity of chatting with the business guru, and we were able to draw from his wealth of experience, as he proffers in-depth answers to our various questions.  Read the excerpts from the interview below:

Andy, how about a quick introduction to One Hour Business Consulting Program?
Very well.  I’ll like to begin by saying that I am always committed to making things simple and easy for my clients. And in doing this, I have always followed a simple rule; when the right questions are asked, things will be more straightforward than we ever imagined.

Companies mostly underrate what areas?
You will be surprised to know this, but most companies end up forgetting their reason for getting into business in the first place. While they pursue their interests in almost everything else, they forget to make their customers happy. In business, most entrepreneurs forget about their customers.

Can you tell us about the impact made so far by ‘The Jacob Group’?
At Jacob Group, our commitment lies in raising the standards so that businesses can see the possibility of getting problems solved easily and promptly, once they know the right questions to ask. Almost everyone fell in love with your Beautiful Startup Quiz; it is on target.

What helped you become an expert at asking the right question?
Over time, I have learned to become a great listener. Only by listening can a consultant learn what questions need to be asked to grow businesses quickly.

What do startup founders miss about their business most often?
Startup founders miss taking care of their customers, and this, in turn, kills their business. Business starts and ends with customers.

Some companies have managed to raise money without customers, how do they achieve that?
They are working on the possibility of paying customers showing up at some point in the future.  The importance of having customers cannot be overemphasized; even technology businesses must have customers. Without customers, there is no company. There are numerous angels licking their chops because they invested in companies without paying customers.

What is the 10x Paradox?
We could go all day discussing this, but let’s do the basics. Simply put, most companies aim too low, and to survive in the today’s business world, companies must learn to think about 10X growth versus doubling or tripling their business.  When companies aim too low they end up hurting themselves.

Can you share a bit about your past success? And how did you start The Jacob Group’?
The aftermath of selling my internet marketing firm in 2010 resulted in people calling me for help with their business. I quickly learned that success for these people all depended on the questions we asked. I learned that helping business associates as well as friends basically involves not only asking the right questions but answering them as well.

What do you have to say to our readers aiming to build a great company?
Well, I’ll like them to ask this simple question first: Which of my actions makes my customers happy?  The answer to this question will determine the way forward, and could be the differentiator between success and failure.

Andy, we will like to thank you for sparing some time out of your busy schedule to have this chat with us.  We are sure our readers have gained some insight into your vision and knowledge.

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