A charity with a difference – MMBF Trust

Charities are now all over the place and in this day and age it’s difficult to be able to recognise which organisations are effective. UK based international trust Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund or simply known as MMBF Trust is a charity with a real difference.

The UK charity which launched on 27/10/2014 is a privately funded charity that offers sponsorships and grants to actors, filmmakers, pilots and aviation students. The firm is targeting two of the most toughest niches to penetrate particularly to young people and the less fortunate generation.



Acting and filmmaking has become accessible over the years however gaining province and breaking out of it is almost impossible however most aspiring actors and filmmakers lack funding which they need to complete courses or finish their films. Likewise pilots and aviation careers have often been seen as a career for rich kids with a commercial pilot license course costing a mouthwatering £65000 on average.

The MMBF Trust was launched by Zimbabwean born entrepreneur & film executive Matthew C. Martino who is also the sole benefactor of the fund is also another unique reason why this charity is different. Martino currently aged 22 has shown an act of philanthropy that not many young people his age would have done.

For more information on the MMBF Trust and the grants they offer visit www.mmbf.co.uk

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