A Buying Guide for Loose Diamonds

loose diamonds

If you want to set certain pre-chosen engagement ring setting, then you need loose diamonds. If you are out there and you want to have that diamond made ornament made to be unique, this article is for you. I will talk about what are loose diamonds and some fundamental questions you should ask before buying some.

What is loose diamond?

Diamond that is not set in a diamond ring, engagement ring or another diamond jewellery setting is referred to as loose diamonds. Experts in a gemological laboratory determine the value and quality of diamonds to certify most high quality that weigh more than 0.25 carats.

What Carat Weight Range Should I Choose?

This is the most important question. This is because, if you compare carat to other factors, such as clarity, cut and colour carat weight has the significant effect on the price of loose diamonds. Carat also determines the size of the diamond you will buy.

What Shape Should I Choose?

The shape of the loose diamond is important to consider. What shape is your spouse expecting? The shape that you should is depended solely on aesthetic. There is no definite rule that govern the shape to choose. Research the tastes, preferences and style of your partner to determine the shape.

What Diamond Cut Quality Should I Choose?

Now that you have decided on the carat and the shape you want for the diamond, it is time to decide on the cut quality. The first two qualities are a bit technical. Cut, like carat, affects the price of the diamond. It can be a doubting task to select the cut of the diamond. If you do not know a lot about the cut or nay other feature of loose diamonds, consider visiting a professional for guidance.

Why Purchase Loose Diamonds?

The reason you should buy the loose diamonds is to save money. You are likely to save money if you choose to buy the diamonds from an online diamond or wholesale retailer. These companies can pass some savings to customers since they save from overhead costs that traditional retailers incur.

Another benefit of buying loose diamonds is that you will find exactly what you want. The best time to buy these diamonds is when you have found the setting you want in a diamond ring or engagement ring setting and you want to choose the right stone to go into the ring.

Choices are additional benefits you will get from buying loose diamonds. These diamonds can be set in a variety of diamond jewellery settings, for instance, diamond stud earrings, diamond necklaces, and diamond bracelets.

How you can find loose diamonds

Many Jewellers are dealers of precious stones. You can walk to their stores where they sell the diamonds. Other dealers and companies have websites where you can examine the loose diamonds and place your order. The dealers sell certified diamonds. However, you should make sure that the dealer sells only satisfied diamonds that have been graded by trusted gemological laboratories. Also, find the quality and shape that meets your budget.


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