A Beginner Guide on Dermal Fillers and Their Alternatives

Skincare is an important aspect of everyone’s lives, believe it or not, regardless of gender and age. Sadly, a lot of people might ignore this aspect of hygiene, when it can actually improve your presence in a very significant way.

If properly managed, skincare can help us avoid a lot of problems that arise with age, as well as some dermatologic conditions related to our hormones, pores, and even scars. Still, it is not always a solution for our problems.

There are occasions in where just simple skincare might not be enough. During such times, you can always rely on very specific products that are aimed towards solving specific problems, and in this article, we will talk about one of those products: dermal fillers, one possible solution to a great variety of dermatological conditions.

How do they work, whether they are safe or not, and how you can use them will be some of the things we will cover in this article, as well as some possible alternatives for those who might not see them as viable solutions.

First of All, What’s a Dermal Filler?

Also known as injectable fillers, facial injectable fillers, and even injectable cosmetic fillers, they are, as you may have guessed, treatments that are meant to be injected directly into the skin.

This is the reason why, as mentioned earlier, some people might not find them viable, more specifically, those who suffer from trypanophobia, a fear linked to medical procedures and needles, especially.

The way they work can be simply described as a treatment that is injected directly into the skin, and it works as a soft-tissue filler meant to be used for very specific situations, like dealing with wrinkles, enhance facial features, grant volume and restore or improve our facial expressions.

If you want to read more detailed information about them, you can always check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Injectable_filler, a very simple and insightful article on the topic!

Are They Safe, Though?

Dermal fillers are, of course, approved by the Food and Drug Administration, also known as the FDA, and as long as the doctor treating your case is trained and experienced in the matter, and also performs the procedure with proper care, most of the possible risks will be avoided.

Most of the risks involved in the process are linked to poorly performed procedures and might cause excessive itchiness and irritation, pain, bruises, or inflammation. In rarer cases, it can also cause infections or an allergic reaction, and surgery might be one of the possible outcomes of sad problems.

They’re even rarer occasions in where the patient might experience blindness or necrosis, and these problems are very serious. Remember that these problems are linked to poor professionalism performed by the one in charge of the application of the solution, and not by the solution itself.

This is very important to have in mind since, as mentioned over here, fillers and botox treatments are very different, and in comparison to botox, a dermal filler is much safer!

Something to have in mind is that fillers are not perpetual treatments. Meaning that they are temporary, and might last based on the problem solved, the solution used, and the person receiving the treatment.

You should consider this if you decide to rely on a dermal filler. There are many stories out there surrounded by disappointment because people didn’t know that the results of this specific dermal treatment were temporary, so it is better to make a choice with care.

Hiring a Professional Specialist

Now, this is a very important part of the process. Whatever you do, you should always rely on a professional that is trustable, with a good reputation, enough experience and training, and of course, professional behavior.

In these scenarios, being cheap is among the worst things you can do. Saving money is good, but you shouldn’t try to avoid hiring a professional just because it is expensive when the other options you have are not as reliable.

The possible outcomes to hiring someone that doesn’t have a good reputation or has had problems with previous customers englobes big risks that should definitely be avoided.

That is why you should take your time and engage the process with patience. If you don’t have the money, just save up for it until you are sure you can hire someone that is reputable and has had good interactions with previous patients.

With that said, you can take your time to contact multiple service providers and see which one is most suited for your budget and your circumstances. Take notes and narrow down your options until you are satisfied with your decision.

Just remember: go for a reputable specialist that is sure to provide you with excellent service without any undesirable outcome!

To Understand is to Succeed

Of course, there’s nothing you can do about the passing of time. We get old, and along with that, our skin begins to change. Understanding this and being positive about is a good way to deal with it, but you can always do better!

That is why skincare is so important. By taking care of your skin on a regular basis, you greatly reduce the chances of suffering from a lot of skin conditions and even reduce the effect time has on your skin.

Ultimately, relying completely on dermal fillers might not be an option, so learning to deal with your current situation is also an option!

Other Options

However, if you already are at a point where you need treatment for some of your conditions, like wrinkles or reduced volume due to a disease or a medical procedure, but you don’t want to rely on dermal fillers, you can always try other things.

Some of the options you have include specific diets to improve your skin’s health and DIY skincare treatments. Of course, there are other medical approaches as well, and you might want to check them over here https://www.healthline.com/health/beauty-skin-care/injectable-alternatives#no-fillers.

Just make sure to make your research properly and contact the specialists providing this service, and apply the advice provided in the “hiring a professional” segment!

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