9 time-saving beauty and makeup hacks for the busy girl

Having great makeup skills is a gift. But one gift that every girl can cultivate whether you are naturally talented at makeup or not is the ability to save time in getting that desired look.

You shouldn’t have to spend hours or fret when the traffic is too heavy, or you have overslept. It is possible to look beautiful and glam in a pinch. So get ready with your selfie ring light and do these time-saving beauty and make-up tips you can put together yourself in a jiffy.

Use a tinted moisturizer

It is a time-tested celebrity makeup artist secret. When you use a tinted moisturizer in place of a moisturizer and foundation, you can immediately add a warmer glaze to your skin. The trick is to choose a tint that is a bit darker than your skin tone. The great thing about most tinted moisturizers is that they have SPF coverage, which means you are skipping three steps.

Keep fun-sized dry shampoo bottles handy

Dry shampoo is every girl’s best friend. You can breathe new life into dull and lifeless hair quickly with a quality dry shampoo. Plus, it gives you the desired texture for styling. Not only does it absorb oil, but it gives your hair a light and airy look.

Dip your nails in ice water

This one is a classic tip that never fails. When you have to run out the door quickly but your nails haven’t dried yet. Wait a minute or two after application and tip your tips into a bowl of ice-chilled water to harden the lacquer the rest of the way.

Magnetic eyeliner and lashes

Putting on false eyelashes is nobody’s favourite task. It takes time, is often messy owing to the glue and you require a good deal of hand eye coordination to do it.

But that doesn’t mean you need to forego the instagrammable eye look when you are in a hurry. Magnetic eyeliner and lashes have been designed just for this express purpose.

Magnetic lashes and eyeliner are two of the most revolutionary products designed to make the application of eyelashes easier for those who aren’t beauty gurus.

The system works with magnet and once you have got the hang of it, it is easy as pie. PLus, both magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner are reusable.

Get more out of your mineral makeup

Have run out of mineral makeup and don’t have the time to get a new pack. Just use a penny to remove the bottom part of the container and you will find that there is a lot of makeup left under it.

Not only will you save time, you will save product and money.

Wrap your damp hair into a microfiber turban

Wrap your freshly washed hair into a microfiber towel to absorb excess water. It absorbs more water than cotton and is less abrasive so you will have more manageable hair.

Love soft, beachy waves but have no time?

Quickly braid your hair and flat-iron it a few times. When you finally unravel your hair, they will look gorgeous with bendy, undone waves.

Skip the serum to tame your flyaways

This is straightforward makeup tip and works in a pinch. Take just the smallest amount of hand lotion, and tame your flyaways with it. Don’t over do it or you will end up with a greasy look.

Try the Figure 8 technique

This is a pro-tip from makeup gurus.

Once you have applied the foundation and bronzer, grab your favourite highlighter and create a figure eight around your eyes for a quickly brightened effect.


Ideally, we would all like to spend a generous amount of time on our makeup, pampering ourselves and getting the look right. But that is not always possible. With these clever tricks you will save precious time on doing your hair and make-up and look glam as ever.

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