9 Super-Simple Ways To Look Way, Way Younger


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The older we get, the more we feel the need to go down the botox-slash-personal trainer route in order to battle our fate of deep-set wrinkles, batwings and jiggly bits. But this is far from the only way to defy the onset of another decade. Sure, there is no real way to make your fifty-five-year-old-self look twenty one again, or miraculously make you look like Heidi Klum’s look alike, but you can wipe off a big chunk of years by tweaking your lifestyle here and there. All you have to lose is a few lines, that’s all. That means it has got be worth throwing caution to the wind.

  1. Super Sunscreen

The majority of the lines on your face, spots on your skin and all the other visible signs that you are getting old are caused by the sun. That’s basically what the ultraviolet rays set out to do. They’re mean like that, which is why you need to slather on the SPF as part of your morning ritual. It will just keep all those “ugh, I look so old” moments at bay.

  1. Beauty Sleep

There is a reason why 40 winks has got the moniker “beauty sleep”. It’s not just an ancient Greek myth, it’s the truth, the glorious truth. It is what gives your mind and body to recover from another day of onslaught and exhaustion. That includes your face. So blackout your bedroom, stock up on camomile tea, get into the habit of bathing before bed, set a bedtime alarm and swap your phone for a book because the better your sleep the more your skin cells will repair themselves. Ipso facto, you look younger.

  1. Eat More Oils

Fish, fish and more fish. Why? Because they are packed full of essential fatty acids and they a) make your brains tick to a much more intelligent beat and b) keep your skin glowing like you’re a happy pregnant woman. We don’t want to get too sciency, but it has something to do with the membranes in the skin and preventing this massive organ of yours from drying out.

  1. Go, Go H20

We know how tempting it is to sack off the water and glug on a pumpkin-spiced latte or whatever because, well, it is nippy as a lobster out right now, but this is actually the time of year you need to drink more water. What this will do is flush out your system and that will soon be reflected in your gorgeous-looking skin.

  1. Yes To Yoga

There are so many reasons why we should all be enjoying a spot of yoga three times a week, but the top picks are to do with the fact it is de-stressing, soothing, relaxing, posture-improving and an excellent way to rid your body of all those tension-knots you can feel. If you really want to, you can go and sign-up for a class in your local village hall, otherwise just find a quiet corner and unfurl your mat. Don’t think this is worth it, then stop by your local “elderly yoga” class and try not to say, “damn, I hope I look that good at their age.”

  1. Sack The Sugar

Nothing in your body requires sugar. It is just not needed. That’s the first thing to take away from this. The second piece of vital information is SUGAR SPEEDS UP AGEING. That’s not us just doing a Trump and projecting unqualified fear into your life, that is the findings of nutritionists. Just a couple of weeks away from the sugary stuff and your skin will look clearer and brighter.

  1. Smoking Is Bad

How many times do you have to read this warning sign before it finally hits a nerve with you? Smoking is bad. Smoking kills. And, yes, smoking causes you to age, and it does so by starving your skin of oxygen and that affects the collagen and that is what gives you loads of wrinkles in less time than it took Bolt to run 100m (circa. 2012).

  1. Green Tea

We’re not actually sure how this helps but green tea is known to pretty much cure every other ailment going and so we have to presume it will help you look younger. Okay, we just check it. And, yes, we were right. Green tea is officially awesome.

  1. Be Happy

We know this is probably easier said than done but there must be things you love doing, so do more of it. Why? Because when you are happy you look a million times better as a result. You look visibly younger. And it’s kind of what life is about too.

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