9 Reasons Why Your Skin Needs Aloe Vera

aloe vera

This magical plant, aloe vera is a blessing, a medicine. This houseplant doesn’t only contribute to the aesthetic appeal, but its medicinal properties make it an indispensable plant too. Rich in nutrients, Aloe vera boosts immunity and helps in better digestion. It even nourishes the body from inside. Aloe vera gel provides nourishment to the skin and the hair very well and can be extracted very easily from its leaves. Although it’s been only a few decades that we’ve been introduced to its magical plant, but its presence has been in beauty books for centuries now. Well, that is not all. Aloe vera has various other benefits too. Here are a few reasons why you need aloe vera plant right now.

1. Moisturizes skin

Store-bought moisturizers leave greasy, oily after-effects on the skin, which might not provide the required freshness. Aloe vera gel doesn’t leave this greasy feeling after use. Instead, it does the opposite as it softens the skin and unclogs pores. It too can be used as an aftershave treatment.

2. Helps in sunburn

Aloe vera has cooling agents and is inflammatory. Thus it is one of the most natural remedies for sunburn and burnt skin. It has antioxidants and minerals. Hence, it boosts up the cooling process.

3. Heals wounds

Aloe vera is very good for burns, cuts, various other injuries, especially in the case of first and second-degree burns. Aloe vera penetrates the skin faster than water, hence heals better. Buy your aloe vera plants online now.

4. Reduces acne and skin infection

Aloe vera has various antimicrobial agent properties that treat pimples and acne fast without causing any damage to the skin. It has antiseptic that protects from bacteria, reduces the size of pores etc.

5. Fights signs of ageing

This plant has high levels of vitamin C, E, beta-carotene. These, in turn, are anti-ageing elements. Aloe vera also helps in skin elasticity and the production of collagen in the body.

6. Lightens blemishes on the skin

We already know that aloe vera is very good for skin and can boost up skin cell production. Aloe vera, when applied on stretch marks and acne, works it’s magic and slowly removes the marks. You can add lemon juice to the mixture to treat freckles.

7. Removes dark circles

You get dark circles when you sleep too much or when you don’t sleep at all. The coolness of the aloe vera helps in reducing the puffiness of the eyes, and since it has vitamin E and antioxidants, it helps to lighten discolouration.

8. Reduces dandruff

Aloe vera, when applied on the scalp, heals dry skin which is essentially dandruff. It treats oily skin as well as fungal infections.

9. Conditioner for scalp

Aloe is good for the skin. Similarly, it’s good for the hair and the scalp. It makes the scalp softer and makes the hair shinier. Regular application of the aloe vera gel can result in keeping the vitality of the hair and the skin.

Nature bestows its gifts in various ways. Aloe Vera plants are a boon for the beauty regime, be it for the skin, the hair or the scalp. There are numerous plants online and available in stores, namely Lavender, Thyme, Roses that have amazing skin care properties. However, aloe vera tops the charts. It can be used in many ways- paste, gel and even juice. It is a medicinal plant, and every household should have it.

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